So Fall Off the Damned Cliff!

As today progresses, the talk of the "looming" Fiscal Cliff is about all the news on any Media source.  I am afraid that we truly do need to fall off the cliff to get the system energized to start working on the big problems.  Simply put, we need to tax more and spend less.  Failing to do that will just continue us in the cycle of "Do what you did and you will get what you got!"  Yes, it easy for me to say.  I have mine and so far the gutless Congress hasn't even looked at taking some of it away.   I think the wife and I agree that we have some to give if it would help fix what's broken.  I might feel different after I pay my taxes after April 15th, but I get over it.

With that said, the NIMBY (Not in my back yard) Crowd is running around re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and trying to find someone else to blame the iceberg on.  I really hate that something Al Gore said a couple of years back is correct.  he said we need to step our economy down a little and do with a little less.  Now that I have mine, I agree with him.  But I want the Federal Government to do a little less also.

Today I listened to talk radio on my way to stock up with last minute goodies for New year's eve.  It is also going to snow 4 - 6 inches so all the old folks were out stocking up at the last minute.  One of the callers was actually pissed off that the gun laws aren't the same in each State.  The talk host (a fill in over the holiday period)  missed a wonderful opportunity to educate that bozo on just how our Government runs.

First of all, there is a Federal Constitution that details what the founding fathers expected the Feds to do.  They also made ways to change that knowing that no Government can remain Static forever.  They left those things that were not in the Constitution to the States.  I know they were thinking that nothing in Maine could resemble Georgia so the States were left with a broad latitude of things under their control.  I can't imagine that the Governor of Kansas or Nevada would tell us that we couldn't go to Sonic and buy a Route 44 drink. Don't even try to tell me that the restriction on guns acceptable in new York would even clear committee in our State Government.  

What I really want in life is a Government that values my ability to think and produce as much as they value the tax I pay.  I have a nice income but it would scare most people to know just how much the State of Kansas and the federal Government taxes me on what I do and earn. 

Surely there is a way to fix the problem without bothering us with all this talk about a Fiscal Cliff.  Just remember that even with an approval rating of about 8%, the majority of all the Congress got re-elected this last cycle.  Just yesterday our local paper said that the governor got 3 out of 5 of his items done this last year.  Last time I looked, that only about 60% and would not get him admitted to any college in Kansas.


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