Another Day, Another Inch of Rain

This morning I woke up about 4:15 AM to a Thunderstorm that was filled with hail, lightening and rain. I went out to see Barb's new water gauge and it has almost an inch of new water in it.  The old one had a crack in the side and every rain was about 1/4 inch of moisture.  Wrong.  A trip to Wal-Mart fixed that.  Now if it would stop raining for a couple of days I might be able to get to finish the shed and do some mowing.  I have a finish mower for the Big Tractor but it makes big time tire marks when the ground is as soft as it is. 

I am thinking about going to the Art House Movie theater in Lawrence this afternoon and seeing MUD.  I think it is appropriate that MUD is going to see MUD to get away from working in the mud. I don't know why with 22 theaters in Topeka we can't get it to show here.  It is one of the highest rated movies in the area according to what I have read.  What is the deal with 3-D movies?  Didn't that technology give everyone enough headaches the last go round? 

Our neighbor brought her granddaughter over last night for a short visit.  The granddaughter is just at that age where she wants to talk but can't quite make it happen.  She did say dog once as cookie stood outside of our house and barked.  I think little kids are a great thing and we talk to all the kids we see.  I saw that Barbara was talking to a little boy yesterday at the Merc in Lawrence and I had been talking to him earlier.  She is getting to be a lot like me in that way.  She points out that a grandchild would cut into my nap time so don't ask for what you don't really want.

Yesterday Barbara and I had a talk about writing on our way to Lawrence.  She is convinced that my Niece Becky and I write in such similar styles that we should collaborate.  I don't know about Becky, but my style tends to be along the lines that whatever crosses my mind falls out through my fingertips.  I call t Faction in that it is generally a few facts as the skeleton with colorful prose to round out the picture.  If we wanted to study facts, we would take that Government history class in High school and all get A's.  I think they had the worst teacher at East High (1965) teaching Government and Kansas History.  Both were a requirement to graduate in Kansas and I passed them both.  The funny thing is I love history and hardly ever pass up watching a good story well told on the History channel. If it is a story told on the Military channel I probably have seen it. 

Oh well, I know there is a good book waiting for me to finish this.


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