Cowboys and Indians

The scene in our big cities is a lot like the old west.  People are shooting each other and then intimidating witnesses to keep justice from being done.  Our media and a lot of the black leaders are making hay over the Trayvon Martin case and ignoring the bigger problems.  The last thing I want is for the National Guard to have to go into our cities and play cowboys and Indians because some idiots have whipped them into a frenzy. 

In my perfect world. the Military would bring all those forward deployed people home and protect our borders. Stop the flow of illegal people and drugs and things just might get better.  In some places, it can't get worse.  At least Detroit has thrown in the towel and  has admitted that they are a failed experiment in social programs.  I wish I had a good solution to that problem.  Nope, not a clue how to unwind the 50 years of Government sponsored poverty and that mind set that the Government owes people anything but basic support of the Laws.

Does anyone else remember the Little Rascals or the "Our Gang Comedies?"   One of the characters would say "Oh Shaddup!"  when someone would say something stupid.   Here are some of my Oh Shaddup things:
  • In this world, it takes identification to conduct almost any business anywhere.  You can't get a phone, rent a house, cash a check or use your food stamps without some identification.  Ask people to have identification to vote and you would think we are committing rape on them.  Oh Shaddup.
  • One of the two parties is shouting to everyone that bigger and bigger Government will be our downfall.  Then thy want to impose Government control over Abortion.  Oh Shaddup.
  • While listening to the news the other day it was reported that the US Government has pledged 6 Billions dollars to stop the flow of illegal ivory and rhino horns.   over 40% of every dollar we spend is borrowed and added to the debt the future citizens will have to pay makes this intolerable.   If this was a program to stem the suffering from AIDS, you would not hear a peep out of me.  Oh Shaddup.
  • I hear people are mad about the intrusion in their daily lives by the Government.  Then I read on Facebook the daily travels and postings from where they travel.  There are also a lot of real personal things discussed.  If you want to be private, don't post your every thought or action on Facebook.  Oh Shaddup.
  • The wife and I worked hard to get our college educations.  We finished with the very minimum of debt.  I'll bet most of our friends owed more on their cars than we did on our student loan. Now everyone is real mad about the raise in the interest rate on student loans.  Don't like the rate or the loans, don't get one.  Oh Shaddup.
  • Lately there has been a lot of people talking about letting God Control everything and it will all work out.  I call BS on that.  Your life is under your control.  Make a plan, show up and work that plan and things will get better.  Make sure you show up in your work clothes when it is time to get busy.  I won't ask a thing of you, in fact I have helped a lot of people to lead better lives and probably will continue to do so.  Oh Shaddup.
  • The approval rating for our congress was at less than 14% before the last election.  87% of those running got re-elected.  I can see the problem there can you?  Oh Shaddup.
  • I don't think Barack Obama is the best President we have ever had but I will promise you that we have had some real stinkers in that Office.  With that said, he is the President of the United States and deserves our support as he has one of the toughest jobs in our land.  Next time get up off your ass and support your candidate.  In the mean time. Oh Shaddup.
  • I don't know what it is like in your neck of the woods, but the difference between Jay Hawk Fans and Wildcat fans leads to a lot of bad words and feelings.  All their teams are comprised of young men and women that are trying to better their lives.  The Universities will go on if they finish first or last in the Conference. Shout to support your team but don't shout at me when I support mine.  Oh Shaddup.
  • There is a commercial on TV where an unshaven man talks about his rights and he is smoking an electronic cigarette to make his point.  My point is that no matter what kind of cigarette you are smoking, it is expensive and a personal habit.  Do what you want to do but leave me out of it.  Oh Shaddup.
  • Why do some of the current reality shows just show the really stupid side of people.  The bickering between Seth and his sister makes Gold and Silver Jewelry show hard to watch.  Seeing the Grandfather and Chumley on Pawn Stars fill time with wasted motion is not why I watch.   Watching some man chase snapping turtles and Honey Boo fart are just beyond my endurance. Living in primitive conditions for money is just plain stupid.  Oh Shaddup. 
  • If I had the answer to the Gun control problem, I would make sure that everyone knew my thoughts.  It is illegal for a convicted felon to possess guns.  Yet, you read about then with guns every day.  If it doesn't work to make it illegal for them to have them, what make you think it would work to make it illegal for me to have one?   We do need to take them off the streets in Detroit, Chicago and New York City but leave those of us in the Heartland out of that discussion.  I think this is about where I started.
I'm sure that you too have a list of things you dislike.  If you don't like mine, post yours.  I don't go around and just like things you write.  I write my own.


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