Thanks to my Mother

When my mother died, she left her four children a small amount of oil royalty money from  gas and oil wells in Clark County, Kansas.   At first they paid off with a small stipend each month and it amazes me how that has grown into something nice for our retirement.  To Wilbur and Virginia Schawo. I say Thanks.  At least once a month we try to do something nice for someone else with the money.   There are two little girls swinging on a very nice swing set because of it. 

Friday night we had a 50-60 MPG wind storm blow through with a good rain. The good news is that we got an inch and a half of rain.  The bad news is that our trees look like they have gone through a war.  That is especially true of the pine trees that we planted several years ago.  They were blighted this last year and the wind blew a bunch of them down this year.  I have them partially cleaned up but my burn pile is getting way big. 

Barb had seriously tried to get rid of her 50 Ford Custom Coupe and the 50 Ford Parts car.  The custom coupe is a businessman's coupe with an actual seat in the rear.  The businessman's coupe had a trunk that could be used to haul hay.   So far the only offer is a guy with a pickup truck that he would trade for the deal.  Barb doesn't want me to have another vehicle on the place so a trade was out of the question.  When the end of August hits, I know there are some car salvage guys that will haul them off and pay us a little. 

Have I told you lately that I am living a pretty darned good life.  If I could just get my ambition under check from time to time I could live a very peaceful existence.  Instead of using my money to work for me, I tend to jump in and work my butt off.  In some ways it keeps me active but in the long run I wonder if it will kill me?  I do find that the more I do, the less the everyday aches and pains bother me.  Oh sure, they hurt a little more in the start of the projects but at the end of the day I feel just worn out not washed up.  Yes, there is not a large amount of distinction there but it is my fantasy and I'm sticking with it.

I think I have finally found someone at the IRS that is reading what I actually am sending them.  I sent an appeal to a $1,600 fine and I got a letter from them that if I would just send them some additional documentation they would return my fine.  Yea!  that paperwork is in the mail and I hope to have that load lifted off the Petty Gang's shoulders.   It is not a big amount, it is the fact that I have tried to do exactly what they asked in a timely manner and was whacked for it.  Now it will be all right.  Yea IRS!

Better get to doing something and get on track.  Have a great day out there.



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