Eagle Project

Nick, one of Barb's former students (Long ago and just up the street) is doing his Eagle Project today at the Topeka Humane Society.  He is helping them raise funds as they open their new facility.  We will go there about noon and leave some items we have for our former dog and leave a cash donation.   Nick was always one of those kids that when I saw him in the hall at school was quick to smile and come over to say hi.  He was a cute kid and  loved to talk.  With his great smile, he needs to run for office.  I'll bet he could easily be smarter than our Governor.  Wait, I think I have a combat boot smarter than our Governor.  Oh well, I am looking forward to seeing Nick today and hope his project goes well.

This morning I woke up early and made a bowl of sliced up fruit for breakfast.  It reminded me of a part of the breakfast we would have on our trip to Germany.  Made me want some crusty bread and some strawberry cream cheese.  I also liked their small tins of potted meats on those rolls.  Throw in a good slice of stinky cheese and man was that ever a good meal.  Barbara said I should just soft boil an egg to feel at home.  I reminded her that she didn't like those soft boiled eggs.  She said that she didn't really like hard boiled eggs let alone the runny kind. 

If you had unlimited funds, what would you have for breakfast every day?   For me, 2 eggs over medium, a slice of ham and hash browns with sides of toast and coffee would be on my list 365 days a year.  That's what I eat when we go out for breakfast as often as I can.  Bark loves a cashew blueberry pancake and a cuppa tea.   I think my consumption of meat at every meal kind of upsets her but  after 45 years it doesn't surprise her. 

Speaking of Political matters, I really don't understand the Conservative part of the Republican party's involvement in the abortion issue.  They champion smaller Government and want most Government involvement  stopped and yet in one of the most critical issues that want to have the Government stop all abortions.  Let me be clear, I think abortion is a horrible way to have birth control but I find it even worse that the Government wants to stick their camel's nose under the tent flap where what a woman and her doctor are going to do should remain private.  

Second issue - The other day one of the radio talk show hosts said that if we want to stop gun crimes, we need to have stiffer penalties.  If that were true, Texas would have no gun crimes because they have the most aggressive death penalty laws on the books.  As Ron White (of Tater Salad Fame) said, "Texas has the death penalty and they have an express lane if you kill one of us."   That's why I guess us old guys need to retire.  The complications of modern life could easily overwhelm us.   

In some ways I think it would be better if we all were forced to carry a gun and use it if we see a crime.  I do believe in the Mad Dog rule where if you are convicted or three or more people see you kill someone they just take you out behind the jail and shoot you.  The again, the concept of justice without mercy makes a lot of sense to me.  I am sure that there are a lot of you out there that feel we don't have enough mercy as the law stands now. 

Speaking of mercy,  When will the government just come to understand that if we would legalize marijuana and tax it like alcohol we could all be in a better place.  I would take all those young men in prison that are there because of the possession or sale of a little weed and put them back out on the street.  It would cut our expenditure in the prison system and raise extra taxes.  As a bonus, I would make it an IRS matter who pays the taxes.  I would stop the IRS intrusion in the lives of guys like me and sick them on the Pot sellers and people that should be withholding taxes.  Take what you need and leave the rest of us alone.  If sales taxes at the point of sale makes sense why wouldn't people just get used to it as a part of life.  Make it a point of payment tax and move on smartly. 

Oh well, from Dogs to Politicians and back.  Better move away from the keyboard before I tell the Republican party that appoint of Payment tax would make them real popular and we would have them intruding on the abortion issue in a bigger way.


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