Manslaughter and Murder

I have been thinking about a lot of the misconceptions that fill our airways lately.  Here is a quick summary of some of my thoughts:
  • If I leave home and have a gun in my pocket there is potential there that gun carriers must face.  If the gun is loaded and it is bumped or accidentally fired, I am responsible for the action.  Chances are that it will result in some kind of civil penalty but can result in up to manslaughter.  As long as there is no intent to do wrong, it is some form of negligence.
  • If you and I talk about doing something bad with my gun, we can be found guilty of conspiracy and that has its own set of penalties.  I am not sure where that stops but if you tell people to harm someone, you are right on the verge of conspiracy from State to State.
  • It is not until there is a deliberate action taken with the gun that I would ever reach the level of murder.  If I am just pissed off and kill some I don't know, that is probably second degree murder.  If I take my gun and a deliberate intent to shoot someone that it gets nearer to first degree murder.  To the point where I draw my weapon and shoot someone.  Add intent, to the shooting of the weapon and then you get right up there to first degree murder.  In Texas that will get you in the express lane for execution. In most States it will just put you on death's row for years and years.
The other factor in all of this is the law within your State.  I think the number is up to 17 States where you have the right to defend yourself if someone makes you fear for your life or severe bodily harm.  This alone should make most people shy about just hitting other people for any reason.  When in doubt, get out your cell phone and call the Police to come sort it out.  

I would feel better if there was some allowance to wear a weapon in "Open Carry."  There would not be any doubt how far the event or action could escalate.  That way, doing or being stupid would get you no sympathy from anyone.  Had Zimmerman had some kind of uniform on and openly carried his weapon the results might have been different in the Florida case.  Then again it might not have made any difference.

The bottom line is that a jury of his peers found that George Zimmerman acted within the law in Florida and was not guilty.  It is kind of like abortion, If you don't like it, don't have one.  In my perfect world the people of a State would know the laws and be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly.



  1. Good post. As far as the gun goes, don't leave home with out it, and use it ONLY if your life is being threatened. Our concealed carry instructor, who was ex-FBI, made sure we knew that if we screwed up, we would be breaking up a lot of rocks for a long, long time!

  2. There just does not seem to be an end in just how stupid people are. They want to run around and change the laws and yet they do not enforce the laws we have. It is a lot more simple here at Rabbit Run. Leave me alone and I will do the same for you. MUD