Is it Saturday Already?

When a holiday falls during the week, the trash service is generally delayed by a day and today's the day.  I woke up early and loaded the trash can and recycle container in the scoop on the tractor and made a run out to the court with them.  If the container were empty I would probably roll it out but half full, it is just too rocky and far to do it by hand.  Besides, I have this neat tractor to use and there is just no reason to not use my tools.  I sure hope the neighbors up on the court appreciate that I went as slow and quiet as the diesel would go.  Still sounds like a bunch of mud clods hitting the bottom of the bucket.  Oh well.

We are nearing a time when I get to do some fun things and I am kind of stressing that I have a few things I want to get done before the end of July.  I hate it that I am more of a stern taskmaster than any boss I ever had.  I know that Barb is concerned when I come in dragging my butt and am all dirty.  It might be the laundry that concerns her but at least most of it will "Come out in the Wash."  She did say that I could get more dirty than anyone she knows.  Us old people have to sit down when we are in one place long and lean on things when we aren't sitting. 

Yesterday I cleared out the path of trees that would obstruct the tractor when I drag out the parts car.  I have been on a clean up campaign this year and I have hauled off three or four truckloads of scrap metal.  There is still a lot of junk in the ravine up by the west end of the property but I will need to cut down a few trees to get in there with the tractor.  I might even have to cut a road in to part of it.  At least that is my goal.

The other day someone talked about their vision for life.  My contention is that a vision is an end state and does not need to be all encompassing.  I also told a friend and new family member that unless you show up in work clothes now and then and start work on your vision, they are just day dreams.  Some people are happy with day dreams but most of the mission driven Ex-Military Guys want to every once in a while have proof of a positive end state.  For me, seeing a truck of junk leave Rabbit Run is just fine until the next time.   For me, it is kind of like a small head ache and removal of things is kind of like an aspirin.  Then the next time I start to see the piles, it is time to do something about it.

When we bought the 18 Acres, there was a dump site where someone threw a bunch of plastic paint buckets.  The good news is that 9 months out of the year the foliage cover it and it is not visible.  The other times it is not in a place I can get to easily so the cycle has gone on for 23 years.  I kind of promised myself that when I got a tractor I would do something about it.  Well, now I want to wait until the snakes have gone back into hibernation.  Now, doesn't that sound like a good excuse?  This fall will be a good time for that.

Barb and I have been able to take our bikes out a couple times this past week.  The path over by the Brown vs. Board of Education site is nice and straight north to south for at least four miles each way. There hasn't been much foot traffic so we try to go there on days when the Lake is busy.  If you are a Mom out trying to get back in shape, try to not walk two or three strollers abreast. I understand you want to talk but have some consideration for others.  This especially applies if you have one in the stroller, one on the ground and a dog on one of those retractable leashes.  Just because the dog can get up to 25 feet away from you, doesn't mean that it has to be unless you are paying attention.  Little dogs like to chase bikes and I really hope I don't ever hit one.  At least once each time I ride I have to remind someone to "reel him in" to get the dog from being on one side of the walk and them on the other. 

Have I reminded you to find a hobby that makes you smile and get out there and do it?  For me, I love the tractors I have as toys here at Rabbit Run but nothing puts a smile in my heart like riding my recumbent bike at the lake.  Gliding on the path is just a blast.  I can go at least 6 miles without my legs even feeling it.  At about 8 miles I start to feel it when I get off the bike but one of these days I am going to push it and see if I am good for 10 miles.  Nice goal but who knows?

Better get on  with my day.  Have fun out there.


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