The heat is back

Today when I worked at the rental houses it was a cool 106 on the heat index. Tomorrow it will be even hotter with a quick break due in for Wednesday.  I had a couple of guys scheduled to help me tomorrow and did a quick reschedule for Wednesday.  Tomorrow will be a fun day here in the morning but the afternoon will be spent with a good book. 

A couple of weeks back there was a really good rain and the renter said that water came in the utility room.  Today I peeled off the siding that I put on a few years back.  I saw that it was pretty rough but if the gutter had been doing its job, the water should not have pooled on the patio.  The gutter on that part of the patio was almost full of debris and I cleaned that out first.  I took it fairly easy and drank a lot of water as I worked.  I can't work as hard and long as I once did but I do manage to do a fair amount of work. 

Earlier this evening I was watching a new segment of Major Crimes and Barb asked me about the Trail Cam to watch the blackberries.  Something is eating them and we have company coming over tomorrow that wants to pick berries. I went out and set up the camera and now I am watching it a second time to see what I missed.  Tomorrow we will get our evening meal at the Fiesta.  Near as I know, no one that has ever eaten the fair food and said they didn't like it. 

Oh well, better move on smartly.  At least it isn't Honey Boo Boo.


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