PaPa Petty's 90th Birthday

Warren Petty of Arvada, Colorado turned 90 this past weekend and Barbara and I managed to wrangle an invitation to the party. Warren is my Father's brother.   I cannot express in words the love and fun that was had by all. 

This is the core family and I wish you could meet them all.  Warren was a Pilot in WWII and he married Mattie when he got out of the Army Air Corps.  Mattie was a wonderful mother to Jim, Linda and Kathy.  I am sure that her loving care has kept Warren alive and well all these years. 

As soon as I can figure out how to download the movies I shot on the trip I will get them up on facebook.

After three days we decided that guests and fish should be thrown out so we moved on up the road a ways.  I think the town we are in is Rawlings, WY.   Barb started the day early and she is crashed and asleep.  I am not too far behind her. 


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