Zimmerman is Innocent or Not Guilty?

Let me start that this case is upsetting to many people but within the framework of the law in Florida Zimmerman was found not Guilty because his actions were within the law in the State of Florida.  I do not advocate Neighborhood Watch groups go out with one person and that they be armed.  But, in this case it was legal so Zimmerman is free.  The laws vary from State to State and I hope that if I ever get crossways with the Law, I am afforded the same protection.  I will do my best to not get crossways with the law, but I hope what is reasonable and not beyond a reasonable doubt protects me.  That applies to the laws as written in the State in which I live. 

If we want to find something that should really get our juices flowing, how about the death toll in the city of Chicago over the 4th of July weekend.  I think the toll was 50+.  There are a bunch of young Trevon Martins that did not go home there.  If you just want to find answers, look for the questions where the big problems lie.  

It is my opinion that the cities are full of young men that have lost the feeling that there is a fair system and a good way for them to live and raise a family.  If you would rather get high than face your problems head on, there will always be someone to sell you drugs.  We have been facing the "War on Drugs" since Richard Nixon.  We know that the majority of the drugs are being brought in through Mexico and we can't seem to find a way to shut that border.  I'll bet if we brought our troops home from all over the world and put them along the border on a rotating schedule we could stop that traffic. 

But, that is another problem that we can't seem to solve.  On his trip to Africa, the President pledged 7 Billion dollars to stop the illegal killing (Poaching) of elephants and rhino's for their horns and ivory.  The sadder fact in Africa is there are millions dying of Aids and we are spending money on animals.  Money that we don't have.  At least spend our money on people.  Even if the rest of the world hates our guts. 

Can you tell that I would bring in our spending and focus on at least the top ten things right here in America?  Lets see if I can put together a list or my top 10:
  • Jobs that are meaningful.  If we spend dollars on getting jobs where they are needed, lets make them do something we need done.  I don't want a WPA type job corps but people to help our schools educate our children, plugging the flow of illegals and reinforcement for our Law Enforcement. 
  • Revamp of the Tax system.  I feel we need to throw out the old code and look for a flat percentage of every dollar from every source.  Focus the IRS on those that are responsible for withholding the taxes.  In my perfect world, Deductions be dammed.
  •  Help our States work on changes that makes our system stronger.  The tax rate difference between Texas and California has to be for a reason.  What is it and why doe it work that way?
  • How can we make our Education system stronger?  Just what will it take to help those that aren't getting to up to the standard to the bare minimums?  Don't blame it on the teachers that are doing their best, find ways to get them the help they need.  If some kids need a student teacher ration of 10:1, don't force the classroom sizes to swell to 30. 
  • Either lower the gasoline taxes or make the States stop earmarking the Fuel Tax revenue to other places.  Spend the money they take on the roads which generate the taxes.
  • If I can get 25MPG in my Crown Victoria full sized ford, don't tell me that we can't improve the overall gas mileage in our cars.  My brother has a Prius that has 100,000 miles on it and it runs fine.  I am sure that Rick is proud of his mileage.
  • It is a travesty that we focus on the Zimmerman case and allow hundreds of young black men to die in our cities. I don't know how to solve that but I know it is not by looking in the gun closets here in the heartland.
  • What happened to the black communities in our cities that provided support to the people that live in our cities?  At one time there were barbershops, grocery stores, dry cleaners, funeral homes and drug stores in the cities where the people live.  They were proud of the communities and they kept the money at home where it turned over and made the cities a better place.
  • I would personally encourage our TV providers to air programs that educate at least a larger percentage of the time.  I personally watch Documentaries and travel programs that expose me to new and different ideas.  I am a junkie over "How it's made" type programs. 
  • One major change in that every law must have a review provision and a sunset period.  The law of unintended consequences would not set in in my perfect world.  Laws that add to the debt burden with out a cost effective benefit would not roll in.  Those laws that do not now have any benefit on the people would die and have an expiration time.  I would tell the legislatures to start looking for bad laws not new ones. 


  1. The moral of this story is be careful who you sucker punch, he may have a gun. The trial made Trayvon look like a model kid that did no wrong, when in fact he was caught with stolen property (jewelry)and expelled from school. At the trial they called him an innocent "child". If anyone had called him a child to his face, he would have sucker punched you just like he did Zimmerman.
    Juvenile Laws need to be changed. Make Juvenile records public information and maybe there will be some offenders change their ways.

  2. The only thing I looked at was the Law in Florida. If George felt he was in danger of death or great bodily harm, he had the right to shoot his attacker. That's what the jury found and case closed for me.