Have they All Gone Crazy?

There is something weird going on when Nancy Pelosi and I agree on anything. She said in a nice way that Anthony Weiner needs to see Professional Help.  To complicate matters, Barbara told me this AM that she agreed with Lynn Jenkins on an issue.  To show you how out of kilter other things are:

Anthony Weiner is one of the least trustworthy looking guys I have ever seen.  Yet, he has had two online affairs and sent pictures of his whoha to them.  He resigned from Congress over the first one and has his wife up humming "Stand By My Man" on TV this week.  He would last about a New York Minute out here in the Heartland.

Today Rush Limbaugh said as much as he really did not agree with Bill Clinton he probably would be fun to go out to a ball game with and chase women afterwards. 

The Mayor of San Diego has many of his staff members filing charges over sexual harassment and he thinks he can just stand his ground and stay in office. 

The Attorney General  of the US is going to sue Texas to get them to get approval for a change on their voting laws.  Didn't he hear the Supreme Court's ruling on this just last week?  The Voting Rights act died an ugly death Erik, get with the program.

The Wiki leaks guy is in a South America embassy seeking protection against a rape charge in Sweden and he announced he is running for a senate seat in Australia.

It must be time for me to get the hell out of town for a couple of weeks.  The good news is I can write from the road.


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