Long John Silver

What has happened to Customer Service?   Let me explain my meeting engagement with a cashier and her manager today at Long John Silver's.

First thing I saw when walking up to the store was a cod/shrimp platter with onion rings on a sign just outside the front door.  I walked up to the counter and ordered that platter.  The cashier said they didn't have a platter for that combination.  I told her that I just saw it on a sign right outside the front door. Her manager standing there at the counter doing something but not waiting on me said they have a platter like than and she needed to look on the register.  Sure enough, there was such a platter and with iced tea, the total came to $11.42 which I happened to have the exact change.   The cashier gave me my ticket  and I walked to a table. 

Just as I sat down, I noticed the ticket said $3.98  and I walked back over to the cashier.  I said she must have given me the wrong ticket as my order was $11.42.  The cashier looked horrified and asked the manager to come over to the automated ordering system and they had a long animated conversation.  I figured that it was not my problem so I went back to my table.  Here is where it started to get funny. (or not)

The manager came over to my table and handed me the $3.98 cents and said I would have to re-order my food.  I took the $3.98 and walked back to the cashier and asked her just how much had I paid?  I reminded her that I gave her the exact change and it damn sure wasn't $3.98.  I also reminded the manager who was standing there that she was the one that pointed out that there was a cod/shrimp platter and she was there while the money was exchanged.  The manager started to argue that I only gave them $3.98 and I told the cashier to speak up and tell her boss what I wanted and what I paid.  The manager took the $3.98 out of my hand and said she would bring me my order. 

Needless to say, even if the meal had been spectacular (it wasn't) I would not have rung the bell by the door on my way out.  Oh, by the way, I did send a note to Long John Silver's corporate office
that detailed this whole problem.  Can't wait to see what happens.


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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM


    I happened upon your blog and I was disappointed in what I read about your trip to Long John's. I'm the Vice President of Operations for the Long John Silver's Chain.

    You sound like you might be a regular customer who ran into some pretty confused employees. Confused or not, I want to apologize for the way you were treated. Those employees should have realized that nobody ever won an argument with a customer!

    Unfortunately, I was unable to track down the note to corporate that you mention in the blog. I'd love to be able to get in touch with you to discuss your experience further. That would help me in correcting the problem and making sure we get you back as a customer!

    Tony Lukasavage