What Else Did I miss out on?

This morning I was listening to a music channel while I wasted some time on the computer.  They were showing a special movie made on the life of Bob Marley.  Back in the day, I was put off by his Rastafarian hair and didn't listen to his music.  As the program progressed, I listen to the pure tone of his music and realized he was a unique talent and one that I overlooked.  I wonder what else did my preconceived notions cause me to overlook?  Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of things I did hear/eat/see and I'm sure that Bob Marley was just the tip of the didn't see iceberg.

By now, you probably realize that I freely admit that I am a prisoner of my many pre conceived notions.  I told my students that I loved 57 Chevy's,  Del Monte Catsup and McDonald's French fries.  I openly shop at Wal-Mart for the space to walk around the store in a controlled climate and cheap prices.  If you don't like it there, do not shop there.  In the mean time I don't care if you go there or not.  Don't like gay marriage, don't get one.  Ditto - abortion, fast food or whatever.  At 65 (soon to be 66) I am getting way too old to be subject to the whims of the unwashed masses.  I will admit that I was encouraged to write on this blog and am one of the few family members that still do. 

I do not twitter and wonder if that is limiting my contact with others.  Seems like Facebook is good enough and I don't need other things to stimulate my senses.  In fact, the biggest limitation right now is this stupid summer cold I have.  My blood pressure skyrockets when I take the little red pills that reduce the swelling of my sinuses.  I just have to turn into a mouth breathing snot producing monster for a few days.  I am not a good patient.  In fact I am probably an impatient patient.

Oh well, I hear Barb stirring so I'd better move on.


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  1. Just for the record, I still think Jane Fonda was a lousy actress even if she did look fairly good naked.