Kiss 'Em Goodbye

The other day I came home for lunch and when I left, I couldn't find Barb and I failed to say goodbye or give her a kiss.  Bummer.  Sometimes I get so mission oriented that I forget the finer things in life.  I was all set to get the siding on the west side of the rental house done that I just plumb forgot.  I'll try to not make that mistake again.  She even told me that she was in the kitchen making me a bowl of watermelon.  The watermelon was good later but it was sad to see that she was miffed.  I need to slow down sometimes and remember that people are the most important thing and the rental house is just that. 

I think there is sometimes too much of the Old Colonel left in me and I get too mission oriented.  I try to not deliberately hurt people's feelings but What more can I say? 

I am going to spend a week in Yellowstone next month.  I am really looking forward to seeing the place.  It was our first National park and I have never been there.  I guess it's a lot like a lot of places I haven't been to yet.  Another T-Shirt for the collection.  I hope to take lots of pictures on the trip and I am using the monopod to hold the camera steady.  It has a X44 Lens and it also doesn't let me really know where the focus is.  Well, at least not very well.  It is a Nikon so the set up and camera controls are pretty much the same. 

I am also going to celebrate the birthday of three 90 year old people this trip.  My uncle Warren in Denver, my father-in-law in Idaho and one of Barb's Aunts.  It should be fun to see a lot of the western family that I haven't seen for a while.   There are a couple of people that I haven't met yet and am really looking forward to the pleasure.  This is only my 66th Birthday. 

Oh well, better get to moving on.  Have a great weekend out there.


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