Symbols of My Life.

In looking through the family photo albums I see myself in various stages of life and I was almost always wearing a hat.  If there is a picture of a kid with a cowboy hat and pistols, it is almost always me.  The one exception I found was when my cousin Paul Allen was wearing my hat and guns and someone took his picture.  I don't for the life of me know why I loved and still do love hats.

I know that what a person wears is not genetic, so it must be something about learned behavior.  I know that my wife would love to just throw away a bunch of the old ratty hats that I leave on the hall tree.  I just hope that she honors me by leaving them around. (Kind of like she does me)  It is kind of fun to see that on our trip to California, Barbara bought a hat and is looks like a clean version of my "Bush or Boonie" hat.  She doesn't sweat or get it as dirty as I do my old hats.  It had the words Junior Ranger on the hat band part.  I think there is a National park club called Junior rangers and we are certainly only Junior Rangers at heart, not age. 

We are having a real treat here at the start of July.  It got down into the 50's last night and only just going to break 80 today.  It is almost always near 90 or above by the 4th of July.  We have also had a couple of good rains this last month and you can see the corn growing in the nearby fields.  I would mention the grass needs mowing again but that is a given.  With the cooler days, I can do that in the early evening without being to sit inside by the fan. 

Yesterday I grilled some chicken and steak and I think the kids are going to come over for supper tonight.  If they had come over yesterday they could have just had grilled meats but tonight they will probably have Fajitas.  Either way, they will have some fantastic food.  I also took some of the Championship rub that Dan Craig gave me and put it on some thick cut bacon.  I smoked/grilled the bacon for 30 minutes and it is just yummy.  For some reason it didn't make the bacon crispy, but that could be because of the thick cut not undercooked bacon.  One thing I hate is that our Daughter-in-law won't like it because it is a combination of sweet and savory.  Other than that one minor quirk, she and I just about like the same stuff.  I am really on a see food diet.  I see food and I want to eat it.  I also kinda like the sea food too.

The other day, we had a family gathering and I found some Bush's beans at Sam's Club.  I put them in an aluminum pan and smoked them on the grill.  It was kind of hard to keep them from burning but the addition of the hickory smoke and slight thickening of them made them about my favorite beans.  Next time I go to Sam's Club, I will buy another 8 pack of the beans and report to you all the full name of the beans.  I didn't add anything to the beans but hickory smoke from the fire. I love me some beans.

I guess it must be time to get my tools together and go over to work on the siding at the rental house.  I don't ant to start too early so they can have a chance to sleep in a bit.  See you all on the flip flop.


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