Another Cold Day

While it started out this morning at yesterday's high, It was still pretty darned cold going out to get the paper.  I think the wind has turned to come more from the south west, a wind from any direction is not a good thing when the thermometer starts at 15.  Wonder if it will get better before it gets worse.  The really bad news is that it is normally after a warm up when the moist warm air get here that we have those really deep February snows.  February is just around the corner you know. 

This Saturday members of our Chorus will travel to a workshop in Manhattan, KS.   Yep, the little Apple will be our destination for a workshop to help us turn our vowels and smooth our sounds.  I am looking forward to the day with my friends.  I haven't a clue if the building crew will come today or perhaps tomorrow.  Heck at the rate they have been dependable, next spring just might be their arrival time.  I guess even with a hole digger the ground is going to be frozen pretty hard.   One of these days I hope my typing speed improves so that I type almost as fast as I am thinking.  I was typing the word going and thinking frozen and put the first letter of frozen on the end of going.  "Goinf"  looks like some word my Jewish friends might use to describe me.  Oh well.

The other day, a good friend put a Facebook post up about a woman getting a paper cut on her tongue  and having cockroaches hatch out from the wound.  There is a neat tool called Snopes.com that will debunk these myths fast.  While I think it is like something that Steven King would write, it and the one about cockroaches hatching from a mouth sore after eating Taco Bell burrito are both false.   Go to snopes.com to verify urban myths.

I am going to go out in a little while and mark where I want the shed put.  The salesman/engineer marked it out one time but my trying to pull a stump almost obliterated the marks.   The building team arrived here at 8:30 and I spent the day out with them.  The poles are all installed and tomorrow they will put the sides and some of the metal on.  I can see I need a lot of backfill to make it all work.
Frame of the new building

Better finish here and I will write more Sunday.



  1. Pictures or it didn't happen. We are waiting to see the shed progress.

  2. I put a picture of the building on this post. It is only the frame today.