For several weeks, my blog site would tell me an error message and it seemed there was nothing I could do about it. Today I signed in and things are normal.  It won't help me generate any new or pithy things, but at least I am not worried that another blog will be lost. 

Yesterday after working outside for a couple of hours, I came in the garage.  My shoes were muddy so I attempted to take them off while standing up on the stairs of the garage.  Stupid mistake.  I should have sat down and gently taken them off.  Well, to make a short story longer, I fell down in the garage.  Thankfully I fell on that well cushioned butt of mine and mostly I injured my dignity.  There are all kinds of scenarios that could have played out but mostly an extra Aleve took care of the pain. If you were to see where I fell, you might wonder how I could have fallen and not have hit my head on something.  The freezer, the car bumper, the porch were all in that space. Throw (or let me fall) there and there wasn't much room for anything else.  I guess I will need to start Yoga or Pilates to  get my core strength back up. 

If there are any places in the BIG XII that are tougher to win in than Allen Field House, it is the Hilton Coliseum in Ames.  It was nice to see the Hawks come out of there with a win.   The parity in Basketball this year is pretty high and a win early will really help the young Hawks move on down the schedule.  After the poor officiating last season brought a BIG XII rep to the game.  I didn't think the referees did a good job this time but the flagrant fouls at the end of the game were somewhat minimized.

Our Barbershop Chorus sounded good last night.  I am really enjoying singing with them.  Earlier in the day I seemed congested and couldn't carry what I thought was a good tone.  By the time we warmed up last night and sang a couple of songs my pipes were in tune and on pitch, mostly.  I will continue to work on the music this week.  We have a couple of sing outs coming up and I really enjoy a good audience.  Heck, there is even talk of going to the District contest next year.  That will be the third year for our Director.  He is such a great guy and I enjoy his teaching and great ways of remaining positive.  Now if we can just find a few more members to help us swing out as we sing out.

Better get to doing something else more productive.  have a great day out there.


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