Cold Day In He, "double hockey sticks"

Last week, I got a call from the Clary Building plant in Nebraska.  The said that this morning there would be a delivery of the materials for the building.  I was reminded that the delivery had a requirement to give them 40% of the total cost with the delivery.  About 8 AM I dressed up and went out to fetch the paper.  The temperature was about -5 and a 20 mph wind was blowing making the total wind chill about 25 to 30 below.  There in the driveway sat a truck with the motor running.  They had the building but their fork lift (hereafter called a Donkey) wouldn't start.  I brought out my jumper cables and my spare battery.  I finally had to drive the ford out and jump it off the ford as the spare battery wore down.  While I was out there doing that, the telephone rang and my renter called and told me that they had no water.  I helped the drivers get the donkey started and then went over to the rental house.  The water pipe is right inside of a crawl hole and someone had knocked the cover off that hole.  At below zero, it froze the pipe.  I had to get a small space heater and put it under there and cover the hole with insulation.  I will go back over in a little while and see if they have water.  During all that, I made a trip to the post office and the water Department to pay our water bill.  Did I mention that I also went to one bank to deposit the renter's check and to the other bank to empty our safety deposit box?  All of this was done with the temperature all the way up to 2 degrees when I came home.  Yes, this is a deliberate run on paragraph and was the story of half a cold day in the Heartland.

Our house guests went home Saturday morning and man is it ever quiet here with out a dog barking at every bird, squirrel, deer or Dave.  The truck driver was invited in and said he didn't want to track up the floors.  I told him that after three dogs, it wouldn't matter.  Perhaps later on in the week I will get around to cleaning with the steam shark.  I have the spray for wood floors that I haven't used yet and am curious how it will do.   I know that sometime this year Barb wants to have the carpet in the living room removed and a wood floor installed there.  I want to have the floor in the dining room redone at the same time so it will all match.  Our next door neighbors had that done and it was perfect. 

Things in the Oklahoma Oil situation are weird and I will not tell you about the entire deal until we get closer to the end. 

Well, I had better go back over to the rental house and see if they have water yet. 


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