Polar Vortex is Nothing

In fact, it is minus 15 when you consider the wind chill here today.  Just a brisk walk out to get the paper at the end of  my 200 foot driveway was a chilling experience.  I don't know how long it would take you to have frost bite out there but the cold air made me cough.  I will tell you that the wind just blew through a pair of sweatpants like I was naked.  I will just use one word to describe the experience - "Shrinkage."  Guys will understand.

If you are easily offended, skip this paragraph.   During the Korean war, one female reporter asked a soldier what the hardest part of was in Koreas was.  He said, "Taking a piss through 4 inches of clothes with a 2 inch dick. 

I apologize to those of you that read that last statement and especially to those that didn't get it.   It did seem funny and appropriate to me.  But I have a warped sense of humor and sometimes inappropriate jokes just seem OK to me.

The other day, I listened to a part of a discussion by Rush Limbaugh about what is the role of Government in our lives.   Oddly enough there were a lot of good people that called in and the discussion went all over the board.  You know that many of the conservatives feel we are over regulated and many others thought that we need the laws to protect the liberties of the people.  In Business law, we studied that a lot of the laws stem from "Olde" English law and are just the rules of personal conduct that are codified from our mores as a society.  They stand the test of being a description of the minimum levels of behavior we say is acceptable.  Another way some people see the law it is the maximum level of behavior tolerated by a society.  In between whatever you think is minimum or maximum, there are the rules that our Government sets down on how we must behave or conduct our activities.

Being a conservative, I am more concerned with the regulations than the laws.  If I had my way, all laws and regulations would have a sunset and expire with time.  I know we have all seen the stupid rules about riding our horse on a main street after dark.  Look at any rule book and there will be hundreds of old laws that have really expired with the change in society.  I did hear an interesting description from Geraldo Rivera.  He said he is a social liberal in everything but the way young men treat his daughter.   I think that most of us have things we would have harsh rules about and other areas that we would liberalize.  Being a Democracy, we elect people to make the rules and must agree to obey those laws until they are changed within the law.  It is fortunate that it does take time to change things or we would get batted about like a toad in a hailstorm. 

As most of you that read this blog know, I have a metal building on order and earlier this week I was told that the crew got froze out one day earlier this week.  I am not going to sit by the window today and wonder if they are going to come.  I can't imagine anyone trying to work outside long today and I darned sure know that putting metal siding on a building in a 20 MPH (with gusts to 35) is almost impossible.  Way back in 1965, I was working for a construction company in Wichita.  We had built a high rise at 13th and Oliver.  In the summer that year, there was a tornado or at least a high gust of wind that crushed in the dog house over an elevator motor on the roof.  We had to go up there and remove the collapsed roof and then erect a temporary structure to cover the motor and mechanism.  They brought in a crane and it was used to haul down the debris and lift the new materials up.  I don't remember how many stories up in the air we were, but it took three or four of us to hold the plywood when we took it to the carpenters.  Normally I could carry a sheet by myself but I didn't think that kite was a word I wanted in my obituary. 

As a basketball fan, I am proud of the college teams here in Kansas.  Any discussion needs to start with a discussion of Wichita State.  They have now won 20 games without a loss.  One of the Sport talk shows said they must be considered for one of the number one seeds if they continue at this pace.  They are darned good.  Right behind them is the KU team with 5 wins in the BIG XII.   This is especially significant when you realize they graduated five seniors from a good team last year.  They have one senior, one Junior, a couple of sophomores and a significant Freshman class.   The young players that have signed up for next year are looking like gold from here.  Two players on the current team are shifting places as the number one or two in the NBA draft this year.   K-State had a 4-2 record and are pretty darned good and a lock on being in the post season tournament.  It seems like there is a BIG XII game on almost every night on ESPN or the local channels. 

Better get cracking here.


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