What do you do when there are three things you want to see or do?  Tonight is the normal Chorus practice for the Barbershop Chorus and I would hate to miss that.   The second thing is the final episode of Major Crimes is tonight.  The good news is that I can DVR it and watch it later.  Finally, KU plays Iowa State at Hilton and games there are always fun to watch.  Win or lose, I have never seen a boring game there.  Oh well, I guess I'll go to the practice, DVR the final episode and find out what happened with KU on the way home.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time outside working on the tractor.  I charged the battery, fueled it up and put the snow blade on the tractor.  So far we haven't needed the snow blade but with some slightly warmer weather coming, February is almost always good for a snow that will force us to blade our way out.  I have three driveways I need to clear and one of them is a couple of miles away from the house.  It isn't the work, it is the wind from driving over there.  The worst time for me was the time it was freezing sleet/rain and I was an ice cycle coming home.  I haven't figured out how to tap the air cooled motor to stay warm.

Barbara got up early to take Barb to a dentist appointment.  She had some oral surgery done and today is the follow up.  I hope she fares well.  I hate to see her suffer.  Oh well, one of these days it will be all over. 

I am struggling with keeping my creative juices flowing and the ADD that lets my attention wander so even if I somehow do finish writing my book, I am letting the chapters sit and do nothing.  I know that no matter what I write, it won't be the epic like the "Tale of Two Cities" or the funny war novel like "Catch 22."  I need a catchy opening , a great closing and a bunch of words in between.  It won't hurt if I can find a good editor.  I am sure that Barbara could do that job well after teaching Learning Disabilities for over 25 years.  The sad part is she has listened to most of my war stories over the years and I'm not sure if I want to subject her to them in writing for the umpteenth time.  (Spell checker didn't reject umpteenth) 

A couple of years back, I bought some blank business cards so I could print my own.  They are 10 cards on each sheet and my biggest problem is finding a program that will let me build a card and then print them.  I thought I had it all worked out when an Avery format let me build a card but It somehow went away when I saved it per the instructions.  It didn't tell me where it wrote the format or what type of format it used.  I for the life of me can't figure out MS Word and the format there.  I'll give it a go shortly but the next time If I fail I will just give up and spend the $10 to have cards printed.


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