Sunday Football

I had just settled in for an afternoon nap when Denver's Quarterback started to call an audible.  Instead of falling to sleep, I heard, "Dennis,  Dennis, Omaha Hut."  That was like someone played a series of notes and didn't play the last one.  Somehow my mind paid attention and asked me why the hell someone thought I needed to have a hut in Omaha.  It did stop the process of falling asleep, or perhaps a better word is that it delayed the inevitable.   My mother said that as a kid I could put my butt against the wall and fall asleep before it hit the floor.  I did have two modes, full on pandemonium and asleep.  The really good news is that for me a short nap works wonders.

I am waiting for the builders to get here and start work on the storage shed.  I expected them to get here bright and early and put up the skeleton of the shed.  Wrong.  Here it is almost noon and no sign of them yet.  Oh well, how much do I care that it will be colder later on this week.  It is above 50 right now and won't be later this week.

Tonight is the Barbershop chorus practice and I'll miss another KU game.  This time I will have the DVR free to tape it and will get to watch it later on.  Baylor is one of those streaky teams and have been known to sneak out a win or two.  At least KU doesn't have any league losses and everyone else has two.  Rock Chalk.

I guess I'd better close this and move on.


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