Another Round of the Polar Vortex

On Monday about noon, the temperature outside was wonderful.  It has been down hill since then.  Last night I went to my Barbershop Chorus practice about 7 PM and I swear I go blown into another lane by one of the 50 to 60 MPH gusts of wind.   This morning it isn't as windy but it was in the single digits with a 10 MPH wind making it probably below zero on the wind chill reading.  I went out and saw all sorts of things blown into the yard. One of the things was a big black plastic bag and I used it to pick up all the trash.  I guess that just makes us even for having my trash blow over, or visited by a dog.  I would have the trash company give me one of those plastic containers but the 30 gallon kind of container can fit in the trunk of the car to cart out to the court.  I will probably make some kind of a cart this spring or summer to get them all out to the court.  I use my tractor on recycle day to carry out the big container with the yellow lid.

 Has anyone else noticed that the news (especially CNN) has started to carry items that aren't news but something a TV channel or celebrity has done.  Saturday Night Live did a parody of Chris Christy and while I didn't see it, I know they are the parody channel.  CNN showed the clip almost in its entirety as if it were news.  Whatever happened to just plain old news.  I guess on slow news days they have to report something.  I am kind of glad that that's the worse that they have. 

The other day, I listened to a talk radio news account and they quoted Ronald Reagan when he asked, "After 30 years of Government helping the poor by spending money, when are they going to have an accounting to tell us what worked?"  Well, we are now closer to 50 years and still no one has been able to tell us how the Government has made us that much better.  My daughter-in-law said it best the other day.  No one can convince her that people just want a hand out.  She has been there and she knows that nothing can compare with the joy of having a job.  We want training programs, more employers and ways to give a hand up not a hand out.  We have a surplus of homes that are government owned.  How about teaching people to re-hab them and then let them buy the houses.  Even if it was at a reduced cost, it is better than to have the houses sit empty.

Why does the media and the political parties think they have to run down politicians in an election?  Isn't it enough to have people that are willing to run for office and serve?  I am not talking about those with felony arrests but people like Sarah Palin that was a mother and the Governor of Alaska.  Who was the lady that ran for the Vice Presidency a few years back that was pilloried over her husband?  I could probably go on for hours about the good people that have been driven out of races because of small things. 

A couple of years back, I drove several people to the KC Airport and one of the women said that she thought that Hillary Clinton was the best thing that happened to New York.  She said that most of her friends loved the response from her office when they had a problem.  I simple asked her what had Hillary done for the United States as a Senator?  No one in the van had an answer.  I said that Hillary is a Senator to the US Senate not the New York senate.  When she started to do more there, I would be on her band wagon.  It had been unfortunate that she has been pilloried for her service.  She isn't any worse than John Kerry.  Not that it is any good thing to say about her.  

Oh well, I guess I had better go see if there isn't something calling out my name upstairs.


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