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Does any of the Sunday Funnies remind you of your life?  For me, Pickles is almost a review of things as they are happening to me.  The other day I went out to the garage and picked up a box.  When I held it tight to my belly, my pants fell down.  This morning Grandpa in Pickles was unbalanced by his set of keys and to balance him, grandma put rocks in his other pocket.  His pants fell down.  I think of getting older is giving me a whole new bunch of unintended consequences that never would have occurred to me earlier in life.  Reading Red and Rover reminds me so much of Dave as a kid when he too could find a lot more fun in a cardboard box than anyone else could.  Anyone that has a teenager today can read Zits and see their non understanding of today's technology and how alien our own children seem.  Forget social rules, I am afraid that "No rules" is the rule today.

I am pretty fed up with News programs that are spending hours reporting on stories that should be on TV's Rich and Stupid.  How the hell can a 19 year old Canadian teenager rent a Lamborghini and think that he, in a bright yellow car can drag race at 4 in the morning without drawing the attention to himself.  He should be just sent back to Canada and told to nevermore return here.  Shame Justin Bieber can't be forced to take Smiley Cyrus and her magic Twerking butt with him.  In my day, if you were released from Jail, you sure as hell didn't crawl up on your SUV to waive at the crowd of paparazzi gathered to see you get out.    I fully understand Saturday Night Live doing a skit on Christy but then for CNN to run that skit every hour all day is just wrong. 

Seems like both Barb and I have our days and nights turned pretty much around.  We both woke up before 6 AM a couple of days in a row.  Those afternoon naps and falling asleep on the couch early in the evening just had our sleep patterns all shot full of holes.  It remind me of my mother.  I would go over and 90% of the time mom would be asleep in her chair in front of the TV.  Then she would tell me how poorly she slept that last night.  Well, I guess if you can and do nap all day, getting 8 hours of sleep at night is just not what your body needs.   While I highly recommend getting older, there are things that change that you never seem to understand.   Damned shame that I needed a flashlight to find the paper this morning.  Even if the Sunday paper looks like a log there in the middle of the driveway. 

I had to drive to Manhattan yesterday for a workshop that the Barbershop guys put on.  We had to be there at 8:30 so we all met at the local doughnut shop.  I knew that I could not drink coffee at home and with the doughnut when we stopped or I could not make it all the way to Manhattan without a potty halt.  I put in one cup of coffee and everything is fine.  Put in that second cup and it forces equilibrium and one has to be put out.  As it was, I made it to Manhattan without a halt but I did arrive looking for the restroom.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  Getting older is a bitch except when you consider the alternative.

It seems that my selection of a location for the new shed was just not as good as I hoped.  The site is very un-level and it will probably take two truck loads of rock fill to bring the fill up to grade in the middle.  I think I can use my own dirt to fill around the building.  At least it won't flood when it rains.   We'll see.  I think the company that is putting up the shed is going to blame tree roots and rocks for the delay in the digging the holes.  I am going to call their manager and have him come here and look at the hole drill they have.  It is missing teeth and "wallers" a hole not dig.  It was kind of fun to watch their skid loader dance around as it tried to dig.  Even one of the team said it needs to be fixed.  The good thing is it was broke long before it got here. 

Oh well, I will try to get a picture once it gets light enough outside..


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