Singin' My Butt Off

I have been singing since early in my school years.  Our elementary School had a music teacher, Mrs. Holloway that just made singing fun.  It wasn't work, it was almost pure pleasure.  There have been times when I didn't sing with a group but I sang in a choir through my Senior Year of High school.  Right now I'm up to my elbows in fun singing with a Barbershop Chorus.  This isn't the cheapest hobby but it does provide a good value for the dollar.   One fun thing is they now have learning CD's with most of the music we sing and it is a great tool.

The Polar Vortex has moved a little east and things are cold but not quite as bitter cold as it was over the weekend.   Yesterday there was a little melting going on and most of the streets are no longer snow packed.  There is still an inch or two of snow in a lot of places but if it warms up like yesterday that will melt pretty soon.  The good news is that I am not worrying about my snowman melting.  It was just too damned cold to get out and make one.  The snow was so light and fluffy that you would have had to bring in it in the house and let it melt a little to get it to pack.  Not going to happen Marine.

One of these days, I will let the genie of Politics escape my bottle.  I have been avoiding that topic for a while and there is a need to get it out.  Not today...

Last night I woke up about 2 AM smelling something I could not describe at first.  When it snowed, I threw some sunflower seeds and chopped corn out on the back porch where there was no snow.  Last night a skunk decided it was warm enough to venture out and get in on the feast.  He smelled so bad the smell got in the house.  I guess it is evidence that I need to work on the weather stripping on that door.  The good news is that he split when I turned on the light to see what smelled so bad. 

Am I the only person that is hating the trend on TV where they take a good subject and have personalities that are just so terrible that you can't watch the program.  One of the auto shops that works on MOPARs has sunk to about a new low.  There is just no reason to work for someone that calls you a turd.  There is even less reason to watch, Click...

The real basketball season has finally arrived.  Up to this time, everyone has just been sharpening their skills.  We can only hope that KU will finally show their ability and play the way Bill Self wants them to play.  Until this season, KU has won more BIG XII championships than losses they had at the FOG Allen Field House.   Our winning streak stopped this week and I hope it is not something that is repeated.  I think the BIG XII has more parity than ever.  Between Baylor, OK State and K-State, it will take darned few losses to carry off the Championship.  Not many teams will go into Hilton coliseum and win there.  At least we don't have the antlers of Missouri to contend with.

Did I mention that Football season is over?  This was the last year of the BCS and I am glad.  I don't know what the playoff's will look like next year but for now, Round ball is my game of choice.

Oh well, another half hour wasted on the key board.


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