Eye Test

Yesterday I was at Wal*Mart and thought about the fact I needed an eye test.  I have been to the Optometrist outside our Wal*Mart in the past so I decided to stop in there as see when I could get an exam.  There was this cute lady sitting at the reception table and I asked her when I could get an eye test.  She said there was an opening right then and did I have time.  Sure, Why not?  She took me into the first exam room and told me that her receptionist was at lunch and introduced herself as Dr. Kristina Semaan.  She bought the practice this year from the Old Guy. (I don't remember his name)  She is a recent graduate of Georgia Medical School and moved back to Lawrence to be near her family.  All of her undergraduate work was done at KU and she too is a Jayhawk fan. 
I can't remember having a more complete eye exam.  Prior to puffing air in my eye to examine the pressure, she had me look into a machine and she adjusted it to see if I could still see this little house on a hill.  I don't have a clue what that was for, but she did say it was last time's prescription and my eyes haven't changed that much.  She took me into the exam room and we went through the does this look better or worse routine until I and she were satisfied that she had the right prescription.  Only my left eye was any different. (She said minor 1/4 change -whatever that meant)  She said there was no record of my eyes being dilated and she needed to do that to really check out the retina and possible cataracts.  She said I had what she describes on a scale of 1 to 4, a level 1.  Slight cloudiness at the edge.  Probably good for another ten years prior to being bad enough for surgery. 

Each step of this process was explained and explained in detail.  We also talked about the fact she was Lebanese and  I laughed at the fact that as a White, Anglo Saxton Protestant of no clear and dangerous extraction I felt kind of left out that I didn't have any other place to claim or any holidays other than Cristian holidays to celebrate.  She said that she didn't fall back on her heritage for much other than about every time her family has a meal her mother served Tabouli.  She said that Lebanon was once known as the Paris of the Middle East but not so much anymore. I got a history lesson as well as an eye exam.

Sometime today I am going to go to Wal*Mart and order some new glasses.  They seem to do about the best job for the least cost.  The prices are about $100 cheaper than Lens crafters and  pretty much the same quality.  Oh well, moving on to newer things.


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