Havin' a Heat Wave

It is supposed to get above freezing today.  After the last couple of days of Arctic weather it will seem like a heat wave.  Might even get out my swimsuit and suntan lotion.  Yeh, Right...

Yesterday was a long day with the Barbershop Chorus practice late.  I got home in time to watch the end of the Florida and Auburn game.  We all knew it would be a free wheeling game with the Florida Quarterback having such a great arm.  I much prefer games that score a lot at the end and where the game goes back and forth.  We have some Auburn fans in the family and I'm sure they are disappointed but hey it was a game played by College Students.  Go figure.

Truisms.  What are the facts you think you know.  I think we all think we are almost perfect but there are a lot of things we get wrong.  What I don't understand is how wrong Government can be when they try to solve problems with legislation.  We were well on our way to having the best retirement system in the world until the lock box was robbed to help build the Interstate system. It really cuts down the time on long trips but is it worth it?  Social  Security is still a system that pays a lot of people as much or more than they paid in.  Just when Obama Care hits, I remind everyone to go back and look at Medicare and the impact it has had.  It was a real villain back in the day.  I think at some time our Government should try to determine just what we can pay for and quit passing new stupid laws.  But, I have been wrong.

In today's paper, there was a picture of a 15,000 sq. foot house that was razed.  I guess it was built in such a poor manner that the owner's never moved in.  I can't imagine how long the legal battles will go on over this mess.  Who wins when something like this is fought over?  Yep, the Lawyers.

Have I told you that here I am at 67 and I'm in love?  Yep, in addition to my loving wife, I am in love with two other young women at the same time.  Here they are:

My grand nieces Ellie and Emma
I wonder how many people would love to have a tea party with two smiling people.  They are about the sweetest kids I know.  I guess it doesn't hurt to have great parents.  Or, great families that love them.

Better get on with the day, getting warm out there and I have miles to go before I sleep.  (or nap as the case may be.)


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