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On Saturday, I went to Lawrence to see the new boat owned by the Lawrence Boat Club named for my niece Jennifer.  Their new four place sweep boat is called the JennyLynne.  I couldn't be more proud.  Every family needs to have someone like that to show the young people what empowerment can be.  In addition to being a world class rower, she graduated from KU and is now a Captain on the Kansas City Fire Department.  She is sharing her experience and teaching in the fire academy through one of the Junior Colleges there in KC.  During her introduction, it was pointed out that the number of young men and women she coached over the years is a lot, over 150 went on to row is a college program.  It is my hope that I have been such a positive influence to half that many people.

Jennifer and the boat. 

At the luncheon following the dedication/naming of the boat, we all went to Free State there in Lawrence.  The food was great and everyone else said the beer was spectacular.  I had ice tea so on that count I can't judge.  Several of the people had read Jennifer's Facebook posts and wanted to know what the name MUD meant.  Long story short, I was called Mean Uncle Denny and my sister said yep, MUD is a good name.  It kind of stuck over the years and I have enjoyed the notoriety.   

Near the end of the meal, one of the guys said he didn't have enough happening in his life to do Facebook.  I told him I write a Blog and posted on Facebook.  He asked me what I could have to write about to keep a Blog running.  I told him that I have been blessed with a terrific memory and an active imagination to fill in the details.   I had a friend that told me the secret to his telling jokes.  He doesn't remember the entire joke, only the punch lines.  He was blessed to have a good enough imagination and could make up a story that lead to the punch line. 

Several of my old friends have active imaginations and it is always fun to get together and swap stories.  The fact that the more often a story is told, the more real it seems.  Tell one often enough and there is a mismatch of imagination and facts and war stories like fairy tales become codified.

Speaking of memory, the other day the wife and I were discussing our dreams.  She said that once she wakes up, the dreams just slip away.  I have found that if I spend a few moments when I first wake up, I can recall a lot of the dreams with a lot of clarity.  In fact there have been times (Back when I was working)  that if I went to bed with a problem on my mind, I could play out some alternatives in my dreams and sometimes get lucky with a solution.  There are times in my dreams now s days, that leave me chasing something or having a problem getting things done.  A lot of times it has to do with my Military career.  I retired about 16 years ago but it still pops up in my dreams.  ( I can remember how long ago it was, mostly because I retired on my 50th Birthday)  

I don't know how many of you saw the Kansas City Chiefs game yesterday.  I was excited for them and then saddened when they couldn't keep the colts out of the end zone.   I will admit that I love a game that has a lot of scoring and ends in an exciting manner.    Perhaps next year.   

Oh well, better go get ready to face the day. 


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