Get 'er Done.

This morning it was 45 degrees and surely it will be above 50 (Perchance 60?) sometime later on.  I have a few things outside I have to get done and today just might be the day.  I will fuel up the tractor and cut down a tree stump where the building will be.  I am sure that the kids will be in our plans somewhere but exactly what and where is yet to be determined.

Yesterday was a great day.  In addition to the installation banquet for the Barbershop Chorus last night, KU looked like the team everyone had promised.  If WV Had managed to pin another loss on OK State it would have been an even grander day.  If KU can go steal a victory at Hilton on Monday night, it will be a great week.  Let there be no doubt that many a good team have come into Hilton coliseum there in Ames and taken a loss home with them.  The same can be said about Stillwater and Lawrence.  We'll see.  The sad thing is that I have my DVR set to record the final of Major Crimes and would hate to not see that when I am at Chorus Practice. Oh well, my watching or not watching won't change the outcome of the game.

I finally got my CD's from the Barbershop guys.  It is the Pole Cat song book and is the abbreviated version of many of the old Barbershop songs that most of us old guys love to sing.  I bought all four parts and will work on the bass parts mostly but will be ready to sub for one of the other quartets on Valentines day.  We do a two song special for $25.00 and the woman (or man) will get a rose and a small box of chocolates. We sing "Heart of my Heart" and "Let me Call you Sweetheart"  all over the Topeka and Lawrence area. 

This morning Barbara finally opened the package of Chicken she bought at Sam's Club.  She bought  what is called Chicken Tenders and I am going to come up with a way to bake them and then make different kinds of dip.  I have in Mind a BBQ, Honey Mustard, Tai Chili in Soy Sauce and some kind of mayonnaise based sauce like a tarter.  I would do something like a Russian Dressing but it will need some help.  The sad part is I used up the Hummus that I would use as a base.  Perhaps some kind of a cheese and salsa sauce might be called for.  Well, see.

Yesterday, at the installation banquet I tried out the title of  Assistant Bass Section Leader (ABSL) on the guys and they weren't impressed.  I guess I should expect that when our Bass section has three Retired Colonels.  I do have date of rank on one of them but that doesn't mean much.  I do love the guys in the section and when we want to, we can rock the house.  Last night we sang a couple of songs and almost to a man we were all there.  It really rocked that shelter house by the park. 

Better go get something done or I will find myself wishing I had.  Have a great day out there.

P.S. Yesterday I got a stray comment from someone that professes to be in love with his bible.  Once I got the gist of what he was saying, I just let it slide.  Next time I will edit that kind of comment out. Freedom of religion means you can celebrate your religion any way you want until you start taking up my space.   Delete is only one click away.


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