Annual Physical

Early spring is the time of the year that I have my annual physical scheduled and today was that day.  Last week I had the first of the new "wellness" visits and I sat with a nurse and went over my entire medical history.  Just once, I intend to sit down and see if I can still remember the complete story of my medical life.  Even though I have a colonoscopy scheduled in a week or so, the Doctor still had to do that "Rectal Exam."  Other than that, I really don't mind being poked and prodded.  Even having the blood draw is not much of a bother.

I have had a spell of falling down more than I would think is normal.  The Doctor referred me to a Neurologist just to make sure.  The hope is that it is just related to my being old and having hearing problems.  There is a minor thing that causes you to use your vision when your inner ear doesn't send the right signal.  When that signal isn't clear, you fall down. 

Winston Churchill is to have said a lie can be half way around the world before the truth even has its shoes on.  Little did he know how much more true today that is.  In the 70+ years since anyone cared enough to write down any of his quotes, the media has just made it more important to make up things than report the real facts.  For example do you have any concept how many people need to sign up for Obama Care?  Someone said it is about 61 Million.  Yesterday the White House had a press Conference because they think that about 7.1 million have signed up to a federally mandated program.  

Have I told you that most of my life has been full of music.  From Elementary school I sang in some form of choir and in High School our Madrigal went to state and got a number one rating.  Well I am again singing with a Barbershop Chorus.  We are going to have our spring concert the 3 of May and the practices are getting pretty darned good.  I am going to try to listen to the music at least once a day for the next 30 days. 

Barb is with her mother in Filer, Idaho which is just out side of Twin Falls, Idaho.   I sure miss her.  Even of we do have our TV's is a different room, we do seem to enjoy our time together.  Some of the joy might not be as bright but I do miss her.   About 2 AM, a lightening strike woke me up.  I started to go see if Barb was awake.  Kind of hard to do from 1200 miles away.

Oh well, time to move on.   

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