Dang It

Yesterday I had the computer about where I wanted and made a major mistake.  Instead of loading Microsoft Office I loaded Windows 7.   That put me right back to the start point and I still don't have everything right where I want it.  Can we say Brain Fart Boys and Girls? 

On a normal day, Barb and I sit at the breakfast table and at least once during that time she will ask me what's on my agenda?  This morning I truthfully answered that I didn't have an agenda and she asked me if I wanted one?  I figured that I would start with Facebook, work my way through G-Mail and then meet you here at BlogSpot.  The rest of the day would entail listening to the music for the Barbershop Chorus performance this weekend.  There will be at least one period working on the lawnmower as the yard is starting to look pretty shaggy. 

This morning I decided that I have way too many programs that requires a password.    I have only a limited amount of password storage space in my brain hosing group and I am at maximum capacity. it takes me at least one go round to get them straight.  Throw in that "Damn Caps Lock- On" error and I am good for at least one false start every time I encounter a pass word.  

We have some good friends moving back to Topeka and we have been scouting a few houses for them.  There is such a wide range of houses out there that it amazes me how anyone can put an accurate price n anything.  We looked at a Bank owned house that is a pretty good deal and a Junker that has been obviously a rental and even had the copper stolen out of the AC compressor.  The part of that last house was the race car sitting in the yard next door and the state of that yard.  Not my idea of a neighborhood that will hold its value.

Here in Kansas, the insurance companies have been hitting people hard to replace roofs early.  Most of the shingles are guaranteed for 20 or 30 years and at about 15 the insurance companies want you to sign a waiver.  USAA worked out some kind of a depreciation on the roofs and dang near didn't pay me much when this house needed a new roof.  I think it cost me out of pocket about what I expected the total to be.  Oh well, at least this house is OK for now.

Most of the spring I have avoided the dreaded head cold and wouldn't you know this week I have a minor cold.  It might be the loads of pollen out there but who knows.  The blessing is that as a Bass, I don't have to hit those high notes too often.  Even then, I can fake it and the rest of the guys will cover.  even with bronchitis I can hit the low notes.

Better run before my agenda catches up with me. 


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