Story to Amy

My Grand Niece, Amy is going through a rough patch in her life right now and I offer her these words to see if I can help her move on with her life.  I am not sure if it will explain everything but it might be another way to look at life.

A few years back, I traveled to California and one of the places we visited was the Winchester House near San Jose.  The wife of the man that invented the Winchester rifle was told by a fortune teller that as long as she kept adding to her house, she would not die.  The story was that if she stopped building, it would end her life.  Needless to say, the Winchester House is a rambling complex that takes up well over a city block and it is interesting to see stairs that go to a door to no where and rooms that are not functional.  She was a very small lady so some of the rooms are very small and not functional to people like me. 

I think this house is an analogy for life.  If you were to come inside my life house, you would find stairs that lead nowhere and doors that open to a bare wall.  I once enrolled in a Master's Degree Program and only completed the first semester.  I am not sure where that was really leading so it is one of those stairs that lead no where.  I once thought I loved a girl and wanted to spend my life with her.  It was a relationship that was like a door that opened to a blank wall.  I met and married Barbara and it was the front door to my whole house. 

David was a door that opened into a part of my life that has been a treat.  I hope that our journey will last a long time and he has good memories of the time we spent here in my life house.   I know there are doors that are shut permanently and I can only go there in the memory of my mind.  I can list a lot of names of relatives and people that live only there.  It is unfortunate that Dave has no memory of people like Grandpa Collins but he will have his own place to live in. 

Life is for living and as long as we are building on our life house we will continue to live there.  Yes, this is an optimistic view of life, but that's the way I roll.  I hope you can find a little solace in this and understand that the passing of Keith's mom will soon be a memory that you will be able to visit without the pain you now feel. 

I wish you nothing but happiness in your future and that you are able to move forward.

Uncle MUD

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