What Am I going to do today?

My last post was about planning?  I get a daily dose of my planning every day when Barb asks me what it on my agenda today.  I don't object and I simply state what My plans are.  Today I fetched the paper, made coffee, read the paper, fixed breakfast and then we had the discussion.  From there I told her that I plan to read Facebook, Gmail, write a blog and then listen to my Barbershop music for an hour.  Sometime after this is done I plan to do the dished, clean up the kitchen and unload/load the dishwasher.  Barb told me that after working with her plants some she plans on being the Big Bunny for Easter and making a shopping trip.  She loves to do nice things for Dave and his wife and invite them over for time to open Easter Baskets and then eat lunch.  When she is gone, I plan to shut off the water and work on one of the water connections on the hot water tank.  I am not as proud of the outflow connection on the tank.  I will cut off the pipe and cut a slightly longer piece. 

Whew, if the weather was any better, I would be outside working on the yard.  I need to finish the fence for the garden (anti critter) and back fill the area around the new shed.  When that is done, there is a general clean up and a dump run. Never ends but at least on occasion we discuss the general goals.  We also talked about the need to replace the fence on the south boundary and see if there is a way  to build a fire break that will keep run away fires from getting in to our woods.

If I was not thinking about this as being a good daily discussion of our goals, I might take it as nagging.  One reason I really don't find it bad is that every once in a while I have "Senior Moments" or what Dave calls Brain Farts.  I also have suffered from a slight Attention Deficit Disorder without the Hyperactivity.  I find it pretty easy to get in a rut doing something and forget to do what I planned.   Oh well, Barb loves me and I don't hate me when a nap sneaks up and disrupts my daily plan.  I figure that I have worked hard to get to where I am and I guess I should mention a nap when we discuss our day.

Now get out there and do something!


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