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When I go to write on my blog, the above message shows up but if I go on through the procedures, it works.   Is this just another one of the ways one company is trying to get me to change what I am doing?  I really hate the fact that when I install a new program a very tine message offers to make a new browser my opening page.  If I wanted to change, I would.  At least stop telling em this about the third or fourth time. 

There are several things in this world that I just have a tough time fully understanding.  I am an extrovert and I solve problems by talking to others and I would rather get input from other people than struggle on my own.  My wife is just the opposite and she wants to be alone and work through things without my input.  Some day I will learn but it is kind of lonely for me.

One reason I say this is that my wife went out to be with her mother for about 10 days as she went through the effects of radiation therapy.  I know that Barb worked hard to help her mother be as comfortable during her last days as she could. Her mother lost her battle this past week and Barbara has spent a lot of time alone dealing with her feelings.  The family has put off any funeral or get together for a while. 

I am getting ready for the upcoming Barbershop Chorus Spring Show.  I really enjoy music and am still looking for a way to make music that is a little less formal and more just for the sound of the music.  There is always the music Nazi's that want to hold our music to the simple harmonies that is Barbershop.  Some of these guys also want rules, law and order and I want just music for the fun of it.   Oh well, I'll deal for now.

Speaking of unconventional music, I really enjoy Pentatonix or PTX for their unique music styles.  There is just not a music style they don't do.  Their Bass sometimes sings lead and harmony more like a Baritone.  Their female member is often not the highest voice as they have one guy that can just get up there and make overtones in any song.  If you haven't listened to any of their songs, my description of their soundman just won't do it justice.  It always sounds like they have a full on percussion backing up anything they do.   Their Bass is just so capable of hitting any note that it just makes me crazy listening to it.

Oh well, better get this show on the road. 


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