I think I need to change the name

Yesterday I went to Wal*Mart and spent most of the time just wandering through the aisles talking to the cute kids.  With Barb gone, I just have this desire to share.  I smiled at this one really cute kid and the lady with his mother told me that the mother was deaf.  I mentioned that I am probably getting that way but with my lip reading I can get by unless the person is looking away from me.  I told her the joke of the day.  The deaf husband walked in to the kitchen and said, "What's for dinner?"  When his wife didn't respond, he again asked "What's for dinner?"  The third time he almost hollered, "What's for dinner?" The wife turned around and said, " For the third time,  Hamburgers!"  The lady that could hear said all that in sign language and the deaf lady laughed really loud.  I think I need to change the name of shopping to visiting. 

Do you need to have a system of making a list when you go out?   There are about three things I need to do and I blithely go get in the car without a list and forget.  I need to get milk, pay the water bills, and pick up some shirts from the cleaners.  (OK, I also need to finish getting the taxes all started and organized too)  I guess I am just funny not perfect.

I have an appointment with a neurologist this afternoon to see if it is just old age and being out of shape that causes me to fall.  I have laughed my way out of being hospitalized from time to time but damn, I sure want to  figure out what is the cause before I really hurt myself.  One of the former Adjutant's General fell and hit his head and never fully recovered.  He too thought he was a young pup when he should have hired a kid to clean his gutters.  When he fell, he hit his head on the concrete patio and it was down hill from there.

The other day, I went to the store to buy some compressed air to blow out the debris around the spark plugs as I was getting ready to change them.  I went through the self check aisle and the machine told me that a clerk needed to verify I was 18.   Then she asked me what I was going to do with the air.  I asked her if that was a new requirement they had and she said it was.   You can bet that If I was going to huff anything it would not be compressed air.  Oh well.

Monday night, I am going to again video the Chorus.   I am hoping that the director can spot areas that we need to sharpen up before the performance in  a month.    We are really sounding good right now and we need to work on some small things like how we are going to get on and off the stage.  There are a few things like claps and finger snapping that could use some work also.  This year we are going to wear our Tuxes but next year I hope we can wear costumes. 

Better run, I notice the wash machine has stopped running.


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