I came back down to write on my blog and there was a TV program on Bio.HD about a wedding.  I am sure that the cost of the decorations exceeded anything I had ever witnessed on a personal level.  I think the wait staff had more people in it than attended our wedding.    In fact, truth be told, we were married in Las Vegas , NV. three weeks prior to my leaving for Vietnam.  It was the Chapel of the Bells and I am sure the cost was fairly cheap.  It has lasted about 46+ years so it must be OK. 

In the program on TV, there is a room full of people that have had an eye lift. They look like they have that surprised look a small child gets the first time they step in Chicken poop barefoot.  I love that because Barb always tells me we will never have chickens because of that surprise she had at he Grandmother's farm.  I don't remember stepping in any chicken poop but I do remember the bee's that loved the clover in our back yard and how much a sting between the toes hurt.  Not as bad as the sting from a bumble bee but it hurt anyway.

Yesterday evening, the kids invited us to go to dinner at the Olive Garden with them as a part of Kyler's birthday celebration.  I think the birthday was a couple of weeks back but this was the first time everyone was available at the same time.  By the time I finished the salad and breadsticks, I didn't mind sharing my entrée with Barb. 

I have several plans for today that include a lot of time outside.  I need to finish the fence for the new garden area and the fill around the new shed.  I want to also bring up some large rocks out of the creek to help keep the backfill where it is placed.  There are also a couple of big red rocks for decorations in the flower beds.

Gotta Run.


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