Damn Computer

It does just what I tell it to do and way faster than I can figure out what I told it to do.  Technology is wonderful but it does take a young mind to figure out what to do.  I won't go into the specifics only to tell you that it did it fast and I can get on but only with a lot of work. Did I mention that it is slow?  I could hand write a letter faster than I can type one on this new key board.

This morning is cloudy and looking like it might storm. There is a rumble of thunder now and then but so far we are dry.  In fact we are under a warning until noon.  Gives me time to play here in the basement and see just how bad I can screw this up prior to having Dave come over to fix it.  I might even resort in having Janet come over from Lawrence to help.  She can use the money.

2014 so far hasn't been the best year for friends and family.  The parents of the Baby Boomers are reaching the age of 90 and that doesn't bode well for many more years left to share with them.  Bob Dole is on a 105 County road trip around Kansas to see if anyone remembers who the heck he was.   He is in a wheel chair and has to be carried into a lot of the small township halls he visits. He is pretty sharp and can remember a lot of the past and I'm sure he can make up things if he doesn't.

My Uncle Warren passed away this past week and in his obituary, it was mentioned that he didn't want any tribute or flowers.  He thought it might be nice if we could just be nice to each other.  That's one of the things most of us loved about him was his ability to smile and be nice to people.  Last Summer, he came to Kansas to be with us in Kansas City for a family reunion.  He was a nice addition to the party.  Later on that summer, we went to Denver for his 90th Birthday.  You all should get to meet the family there.  We sang, laughed, told stories and had some great food.  We will miss his presence but not the memory of Warren.

It has finally quit threatening to rain and got with the program.  We can always use the rain and we love the warmer weather.  Perhaps some time this week Barb can get out and plant some of the plants she has growing in pots. 

Better run and see if I can get into trouble elsewhere.


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