Rainy Tuesday

The weather is doing about what the Master Gardener would want except it is a little cool.  We have been way short on rain for a while and a slow drizzly day is just what the Doctor ordered to restore the sub soil moisture.  If the farmers didn't get their fields in yet, it is their own fault as last week was mostly dry enough to do just that.

With the number of deaths in the family, the subject or my own longevity has crossed my mind a lot this week.  If you could either let Nature run its course or get a guarantee of 90, what would you take?  At 66, 90 doesn't sound so bad but I'm pretty sure that if I can get closer, I will want to hedge my bet.  The other day I talked to Dave about this and he said it was dependent on the quality of life to him.  He is more worried about the quality of his life than the quantity.  I don't disagree on that issue.

There is a growing 5trend out there that there is no funeral to mark the passing of people.  Barb and I both think that a simple cremation and scattering of the ashes is the best for us.  I have shared with her that the new National Cemetery in Leavenworth has an area that accepts cremains and will put up one of those grave markers.   I think Barb would just as soon have a bench put near a flower garden.
I always did say that she is the one that does pretty.

We are on the downhill slope for our Barbershop Corus Show this next Saturday.  Our final practice last night was great and for me a lot of fun.  For some reason the second half of the show just seems better in practice.  I think by the time we have spent an hour on the platform we start to sing at a less than excited level and we blend better.  I know that our Bass section can blow the doors off the Baritones and Leads.  The tenors are down on the end and I can almost never hear them unless it is a tag at the end of a song.   

Oh well, better go see if there is anything worth doing today.


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