Lonely Days and Lonely Nights

Barb has been out of town for over a week helping with her sick mother.  It sure has been quiet here at Rabbit run without her.   I consider myself pretty self sufficient but it has been very lonely.  I'll bet when she gets home, Barb will want to be left alone for a few days and just repot and water her tomato plants. 

Back in the day, I would be gone for a couple of weeks each summer with the National Guard.  Most of the time those two weeks would be so busy that I hardly had time to miss my family.  I would come home so tired and sleep deprived that it would take three or four good nights sleep to catch up.  I also appreciated the lower activity level after two weeks of being in charge of things.  I know those periods were good as we both forgot the angry things and missed the good things.  Even though it has been a while since I last went to camp, it is funny how time flies.

There was an article that hinted at a growing problem the Government is facing.  Between Medicare and Social Security, the is abut half of the national budget need just to support those things.  The ration of non-working to working people over 65 is about 1:2.  Gee, I should have had more kids.  The other thing that is looming is the fact that the baby boomers are throwing money like mad into the stock market as the face the costs of retirement.  The question is who is going to buy all that stock when they really need to withdraw it?  Most of the children of the Baby Boomers (Millennial's?) are living pretty much hand to mouth and just don't have the extra cash to buy stock.  We have discussed the transfer of wealth that will happen when the Baby Boomers start to pass but that won't really start for at least another 10 years.  My father's generation had a life expectancy of about 75 years and my generation is probably closer to 85  (I hope)

I don't always recommend good things but every once in a while something really good hit my plate and I just can't help myself.  Here are just a couple:
    - There was a new snicker's bar on the sample aisle at Sam's club.  It had a white nougat center and covered with dark chocolate.  Could replace my old standby the regular snickers.  Haven't seen it anywhere but Sam's club yet. 
    - Here in Topeka there is a pizza place called Glory Days.  There is just something about their sauce that makes that pizza yummy.
    - The other day I was cooking something and it needed just a touch of heat.  I had an old pepper grinder and put in some of the red pepper flakes you get from the Pizza Place. A short grind and it just took the heat from those flakes and spread it out.   I hate to hit a big old flake of red pepper but spread out it is a hit.   I keep a pepper grinder for grinding spices into things I cook.  try it and see if you might like it.

Speaking of Pepper Grinders, years ago my Grandmother and mother both had the same pepper grinder and the worked so good that I staked out my desire to inherit Mom's when she no longer needed it.  I guess my brother got into the act and he placed a hold on Grandmother's.  When it came time to divide up Mom's stuff, He got the good one and mine has a cracked handle.  It still works but Mo always did like him best.  I spent about 45 minutes talking to my brother yesterday and sure had a good time visiting about life.  It is amazing how similar we are in our health and medications.  We both are taking the same medication for blood pressure and cholesterol.  He had his cataracts fixed a couple of years ago and I am facing that in the next couple of years.  He did admit that he hadn't had a colonoscopy and I was way ahead and probably after Wednesday's procedure will be the "Perfect Asshole"  he always thought I was.  I just wish you could see the smile on my face when I write that. 

MUD and my Brother Rick  The little guy slipped into the picture. No Clue who he is


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