Must be Spring

For a few weeks, our Solarium has been full of plants waiting for the weather to turn so they can be moved to the garden.  Just when it started to look like that might happen soon, there is snow predicted tonight.  It won't be quite as bad as the Polar Vortex but very bad for those tender young tomato plants.  Barb puts some of the plants in a wagon so she can roll them in and out of the garage to harden them off but this time I may have to roll them into the house.

Another way I can tell it is spring is when the sound of sirens going to grass fires is heard all day Saturday.  Barb and I went to the Garden Store to buy some more potting soil and arrived home to a fire rolling down our property line from the south.  Just when I thought we would be safe from fire, a small fire whipped by 25 MPH winds moved into our forest.  The fire department stopped the worst of the fire but didn't put out the small burning fires in the downed trees.  They used some excuse about it would damage their equipment but they can't imagine how damaged they would have been if their inaction had damaged my house.  In years past, they would drive their tanker truck right up to the south property line and run a hose in to blast down any flames.  Not this year. 

We hoped that the rain would start and put all the hot coals out but so far it hasn't done much but sprinkle.  At least the wind from the south is not 25 MPH this morning.  I don't have a clue what the passing of the cold front will do about noon.  We'll see. 

One thing I did see was that this past year or two has been really hard on the big trees on the south of my property.  I'll bet there are five or six monster trees down on the property to the south of my property.  I can also see that the fires have wiped out the fence posts and I need to get some steel up along the south side.  Not that it will do anything to stop the fires started by the idiot to the south burning his field.    I guess I do need to remove a lot of the trees along that side and make sure there is a fire break.  At least a better one.  I also need to re-post my no hunting signs.  Judging from the beer bottles, hunting has been going along my south side.   They actually ran down the fence in one corner. 

Well, that's enough for one day see you later.


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