Computer is Down

I have been off the air for a few days because my fancy dancy computer has been down.  Dave is working on the Hard Drive and I hope to have it back by this weekend.  I still have my old notebook computer but it is not the best.

Yesterday I worked hard to finish moving the remains of a gravel pile as back fill around the new metal shed.  The tractor did most of the transporting it back to the shed but it took a shovel and a bucket to get it right where I needed it.  It also took a coupple Aleve to get to sleep last night.   It rained pretty hard about 6 AM so I got it finished at the right time. 

It sure is nice to have the weather turning a little warmer.  One of these days Barb will get the chance to plant all the plants she started in the Solarium.  I'll bt there was over 100 tomato plants at the start and I have no idea how many will make it to maturity.  She has been buying seeds for other things but I am just the laborer not the farmer.  I built a fence where she wanted it and will help when she asks.  I am pretty sure the water system will need put in the new garden area soon.

Better go see if my name is on the duty roster.


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