Death and Taxes

One of our Spring chorus songs has a phrase, "Some People say that Death and Taxes are the only sure Thing."  With the parents of the Baby Boomers reaching 90, they are finding the end of life illnesses diminishing their ranks.   The other day, one of the last sailors aboard one of the Battleships in Pearl Harbor was on TV and said he is the last survivor from his ship.  I am sure that may of my Baby Boomer friends have lost one or both of their parents.  That door isn't shut on a member of the family, but it is reported that the hinge squeaks.

I have often heard form my friends that moving to Texas has a real  tax advantage over living in Kansas.   I just finished filing our 2013 Taxes and found that almost all of our retirements are tax free in Kansas.  We paid a ton in Federal taxes but Kansas didn't rate as a paper cut.  Thank you Kansas.

OK, lets not completely dismiss all the taxes we, or anyone pays.  Sales Tax, Property Tax, Income tax and fees mounted to about 20% of everything we made.  The good news is we had it and paid it all.  All you have to do is make a trip to any of the third world countries and see what the style of living there is and you too won't complain.  

Well, the colonoscopy went well and it will be another 10 years before I have to do it again.  For me the hardest part was not eating anything yesterday.  Joe, our grand nephew,  was on Facebook eating a triple burger, a pound of fries, 30oz of beer and a shot and he ate/drank it all.    He made the wall of fame in some joint in Saint Louis.  I cried.

Oh well, Anyone that didn't know they play Basketball in Connecticut just hasn't been paying attention.  It did hit our paper that Danny Manning was hired as the new coach for Wake Forrest.  One commentator said that Danny is a little inexperienced.  Lets see, 3 years of High School Ball, 4 years of College, 17 years as a pro and 5 years as an assistant coach at KU.  Then he took Tulsa to the NIT last year and the NCAA this year.    I think he has earned his keep as a coach.  I look forward hearing great things from His new School.  Perhaps one of these days Bill Self will want to take his pot of gold and retire and then we will have Danny to replace him. 


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