Cool Days, Hot baseball

Today it is a fairly cool day with an overcast sky.  I got the mower finished and needed to test it out.  The yard was right on the verge of being too tall so I tried to get it mowed and the mower tested.  One of the rear tires needed to have some of that green slime put in the tire for a slow leak.  It also said to be the best, it was best to drive it for a while to let the "slime" coat the inside of the tire.  Mission accomplished.

What are you doing with your investments right now.   The volatility of the stock market scares me but there is just no return on money in the bank.  I am afraid that the interest is so low that they might soon start charging me to keep it.  I would say keep it safe but with all the hacking going on I am not sure that is true.   I have a considerable amount in rental property and it is the only thing in my portfolio that is paying anything. 

Now that I have the small things out of the way, I can't believe the Royals have pulled off seven wins in a row.  It is a fun ride and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.  Now if we could get the Chiefs back on track.  As a typical fan, I am just waiting for Basketball season to get KU back on the hunt for number 11.  It was a shock that Late Night at the Fog was not a full house.  There were about 2,00 empty seats because of the Royal's game. 

Dave and his wife had a small fire in their clothes dryer.  Not so much damage but lots of smoke.  It will be interesting to see if it will take a repaint or if the cleaning service can remove the smoke stains on the walls in the bathroom and kitchen.  I think it will take a complete gutting in the bathroom where the dryer was.  We'll see. 

Oh well, better see if there is anything I can do to help set up supper. 



  1. Roof replacement tip: If you are needing a new roof on any of your properties, before you spring for the full price out of your pocket call your Insurance provider and make a claim for "hail damage" (from the last known hail storm) or wind damage. Have them come out and inspect the damage. Chances are very good that they will find damage that "could be" "hail damage" and it's possible that you could recover a substantial amount of money above your deductible. Their payment will include professional labor costs and materials less your deductible.. You can usually get it done cheaper than their estimate and save some money. It's worth looking into, the worst thing that can happen is they might deneigh your claim. The best thing that can happen is a free roof replacement.

  2. The year you replaced your roof, I had them inspect this house. They have some new weird formulae and it cost me at least $2,500 more than they covered. Part of that was the deductible and part was some depreciation.