Oh No, It Did what I told it to do.

Yesterday I saw a quote by FDR and saw that for the most part He and I agreed.  When I posted it, I changed the color of the text and it printed black on a black page.   I changed it this AM and I apologize for the delay.   I hope it was just on my computer but in a was it was a blank page that contained a silent statement that there is little in today's world that I and the Democrats agree upon. 

I think the USA is wealthy enough to reach out and help our poor do better.   I am a little more on the side of helping them reach their goals tomorrow by hard work rather than feeding them a lot today.  I lived in an 8X38 ' trailer as I went to school.  I also lived in a one bedroom apartment for a while.  We lived not quite a Spartan existence but it wasn't lavish either.  We paid for our own education and are proud of our accomplishments.  I wonder what it would have been like if we had just borrowed our way there. 

Never mind, that wasn't the subject I wanted to write about today.  As I have said, Dave is staying here with his three cats.  While I have wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I never expected it to be the thumping of kitten feet at 7 AM.  Pixel wakes up full of kitten energy and goes on a wild chase with the female cat for at least an hour.  How much noise can a kitten make?  Not to the level of wild elephants, but enough...   I was just paid a visit by the female cat and now notice all the hair on my keyboard.  I am sure that there is a series of new ventilation holes on the chair where she jumped up to get attention. 

A lot of us in the Heartland  were thrilled to see the Royals do their magic last night and defeat San Francisco 10-0.  I for one would rather see them score only 5 runs then and another 5 tonight in game 7.  We'll see.  I was channel surfing early in the game and watching NCIS and missed the big 2nd inning.  At least I know a couple of my friends were at the game and I hope they enjoyed the game.  One of them was a secretary that I worked closely with.  Right after she retired, she went to the Doctor and had some major surgery done.  It was pretty much touch and go for a while and I am thrilled to see that she is now doing well.  Go Royals.   After all, there was a sign that said BBQ is greater than Rice-a-roni.   

 It got pretty close to freezing for the first this fall last night.  I saw that there are plants on the deck with a blanket on them.  Barb was sure that it wouldn't freeze but a frost was possible.  I did notice that a lot of the remaining tomatoes and a pepper or two got picked yesterday.    There are a few Asian Pears on the trees and There is at least a couple of bushels in the garage.  I will start feeding them to the deer in a week or two.  That and a little chopped corn never hurt any deer that I know. 

Better get running and see if there isn't a few disasters to mitigate. 

MUD,   aka, ORAG  Old Retired Army Guy

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