Trash Day

On Friday's, the trash goes out here at Rabbit Run.  It never ceases to amaze me how the amount can vary.  One week, the trash can is full and the recycle bin is almost empty.  The next week we will have three cans of trash.  I guess it doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on.  I am going to take a load of trash to the dump this morning.  It has a lot of residue from Dave's house and a couple of toilets I have removed from houses.  I will put the bill in the pile for reimbursement but am not sure if they will pay it or apply it to the deductible. 

This morning I went to Dave house and checked the mouse traps and emptied the water bucket.  I have a small leak in a PEX pipe and the plumber won't be here until next Monday.  The mice are there because Dave lives in a field and the mice always try to find a winter home.  I have the same problem here at Rabbit Run and I guess I will just have to start my Defense in Depth there and here.  I set multiple traps in a row out in the garage.  I have four traps set at Dave's and have managed to catch two of those furry critters. 

Dave's furnace is about 25 years old and it has been the subject of discussion and replacement.  The outside condenser has had to have some pretty heavy duty rebuild over the years so it is time to just replace the entire system.  I am pretty sure that the insurance company does not consider the replacement a part of the fire damage but it needs done.   It costs more than a breadbox and less than a car. 

I got the trailer ready for a trip to the dump.  A while back I needed some connectors and was at Harbor Freight and bought one of those boxes of 500 connectors.   While I was working on the trailer connection, I had the box open and sure enough I stepped on the box and had to sort 500 pieces from the rocks in the driveway.  One of these days I'll bring it in the house and pretend it is a puzzle and put the pieces all back in the box all sorted.

It is sunny today and a pretty nice day.  With the temperature in the low 60's, it makes me want to wear a long sleeve shirt but shorts.  Yes, I know that is kind of silly but that's the way I roll.


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