What are Your Day Dreams?

As baseball is overtaking the thoughts of a lot of us, do you wonder what would have happened had you tried to play in the minors and then the Majors?   I was a good hitter and played a good first base and would have been a good catcher until my knees wore out.  But at the age of 67, that pipedream is long over and kind of like thoughts of girlfriends past.   The reality is that now that my life is nearing the place where there are fewer new avenues to experience, I am just pretty happy with where I have landed.  That doesn't rule out flights of fantasy now and then.

Have you ever heard of the rules of Unintended Consequence (UC)?  That is what sometimes happens when you get what you want.  It also applies to Government when they pass a law and find out that it just hits the people right between the eyes with a heavy burden when it hurts more than it helps.  A lot of the UC things become a lot more visible after the fact and we just don't have the mechanism to cause our laws to have an expiration date or a review process.   In fact, what happens is that a lot of laws remain on the books and the money to enforce that law just doesn't get funded. 

Here in October the Football season for High School is nearing the end with the playoffs being held.  It is a lot of fun to see the teams win and how excited the kids are.  Our local high school, Shawnee Heights (aka, Scrawny Whites)  is doing well.   I wanted to play football in high school but in a school with 5,000 students I was just not big enough to survive.  I think I have said that I compensated by having a car, a girl friend and nearly a full time job to pay for all the fun.  Looking back, I am well off to be where I am.

Thanks to the people that stop in to see what I write.  Today the count hit 555,000.  That is a daily count of over 2,500. 

Have a great weekend and get your gear ready for the World Series that starts on Tuesday.   Go Royals.

MUD,  aka ORAG -Old Retired Army Guy

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