The Royals are Going to Play Who?

The other night, the weather somehow blocked out several of the channels on our DirecTV and I didn't get to see any of the game with Oakland.  Now I understand they are going to play another California Team.  Is it the Anaheim Ducks?  Oh well, probably won't watch much of the game even if the weather cooperates and doesn't block our channels.  Our Royals who haven't been to post season since 1985 are back in the hunt for a championship.  I say that about the Anaheim Angels because that is one of the few things I don't agree upon with my Sister-in-Law.  I wish her well and really am not all that worked up about the Royals.  I think Barb went to a game in 1972 and I went to one in about 1982 and haven't been to one since.   At one time I thought that Football would replace baseball as our national pastime.  Now I think that Football has just replaced the Mafia as one of our most hated things.

Have I mentioned that I hate Politics and the season of campaigns?  Some one once asked Ann Landers how she could find out about her Genealogy when she didn't have much money.  The answer was run for office and people will pay to find out about you and your family.  The other part is that people want to know how you feel about major items that you probably won't be responsible for if elected.  The Constitution says that I have the right to free speech and freedom of religion.  To me that means I have the right to worship trees if that's what I want.  It also gives me the right to tell other people that it is not their business if I do. (or Don't)  How a person feels about abortion, gun ownership and their personal religion in most cases is not a part of the job.  I had a friend the other day say he supports the Tea Party because they are a religious party that is pro life.  I told him that I want a party that is pro USA and wants to start fixing the top 25 things wrong with the USA and that the question of Abortion is not broken and because of freedom of religion, he better not bump my nose with that issue. 

Speaking of what's wrong with the USA, we are spending millions of dollars a day flying drones all over the place and can't seem to keep the water turned on in Detroit.  We will stuff our stores and homes with cheap things made in China and shut our factories. 

We have replaced dollar bills with credit and debit cards and now they aren't safe.  Ask 60 minutes if they think your income tax process is safe...

Have I told you lately that I love you?  For some reason that song has been on the front of my mind lately.    Kind of like one of the Barbershop songs that will stick in my mind from time to time.  At least it is not "Its a Small World After all." 

Racist comments made the news today and I for one want you to know that I love fried chicken, watermelon, ribs and greens.  I am not so big on waffles with my chicken and I don't smoke so Cool's are out.  Same here with that 44 OZ beer in a paper bag.  Not that I don't like beer, but I don't drink either.  Oh well, I just hope you know that I am prejudiced.  I really love 57 Chevys, McDonald's French Fries and Delmonte Catsup.  It was Heinz Catsup until an election cycle a few years back. 

Better run.


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