Is it Just Me?

The idea that we need some reform in the area of Health Care, is evident but I think the Government doesn't fully understand that we just couldn't afford the ACA the way it is written.  It caused most people to pay more for their health insurance when it was a program that let us buy what we could  afford.  Perhaps there was a need to help the poor pay for insurance but we threw the bathwater out with the baby.  

OK, You got me Skippy.  I am a closet conservative that feels that less Government intrusion is better.  I don't think that we need an overreaching help from the Federal Government to live our lives.   I think the Congress needs to take a few "Selfies" and study them.   When will we stop spending a lot more money than we are taking in?  I for one don't want to hit bankruptcy to find out it doesn't work.

The city of Topeka has taken this Spend it all attitude lately.  For the second time in a few years they are tearing up the improvements on our Downtown Kansas Avenue.  Right in the middle of this, the paper published that most of the businesses in that area are behind many thousand dollars in property taxes.  Many of us think it is just adding a pretty bow to what is basically a pig.  The people have voted with their feet that unless you work downtown, we just don't want to go there. 

Add to this expense without income, the city has started a move to purchase the Heartland Park racetrack south of town.  From the beginning that place has not paid property tax to the School District  or to the County.  Now the City wants to buy that property with money we taxpayers have allotted them to control.  We started a petition to block the buy without a vote but they are doing their best to find ways to block that vote.  Another governing body that has forgotten that we send them there and can not send them again. 

Today one of our Barbershop Chorus members is having his 90th Birthday party.  Many of us will be there to sing him happy birthday and to sing Friends to him.  Wilmer is a great addition to our activities and we need to celebrate his birthday in style.  It is also a chance to get out and do something that is just play and not work.  I may see if I can get Barb to take me and shop while we play.  She needs to get out also.  Then perhaps we can have a lunch or a nice visit while we are out.

Oh well, better run.

MUD,  aka Mean Uncle Denny

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