Fire Damage

Dave had a smoky fire in his dryer and the bathroom will probably have to be gutted.  They are probably going to remove the terrazzo floor and redo the pipes and insulation.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that they may have to be out of their house for a month or so.  That will entail the cats being here for the majority of that time.  They have three cats.  The first cat is on great big Maine Coon cat that had to weigh in at least 30 lbs.  The good news is that he is a lover and because of his age he isn't very active.  The middle cat is a couple of years old and a scaredy cat.  She will hide most of the time here.  The last is a 7 month old male that just talks all the time.  If he is in a room by himself, he will mew until someone says his name and he will run to where you are.  He doesn't want to be picked up, he just wants to be where there are people.  Oh well...

I will probably be at Dave's house most of tomorrow to assist the cleaning crew.  I will take my trailer over and use it to haul away some junk that has been there since Dave moved in.  I left a bunch of paint cans in his closet and they are still there.  There was a Microwave that died ugly and it needs to go.  I am sure there are a few other things to take care of and I'm sure that a trailer will be needed to haul the junk away.  I worked on the shower in the master bedroom they have not really used and need to get it working.  Just cleaning out the junk today was a major step.  I may have to replace the shower head but we'll see how it works tomorrow.  I have a new shower curtain and a mat.  Nothing in the old bathroom will be salvaged. 

The Barbershop Chorus has selected Happy Together as one of the songs for next year.  Most of the song is Doot over and over for the base line.   I am working on the cadence and for the most part have it fairly learned.  There are a couple of places that I get a little tripped up on.  Oh well....

The weather here in the Heartland is cold with rain and the Royal's game is in question.  I guess a day's delay wouldn't hurt much.  They have been fun to watch and they are just killers in late innings.  The are setting new high's for batting average and defense in the post season.  The part that makes it so tough on their opponents is they are all doing well and slump is just not a word they are using. 

After spending a couple hours at Dave's I come home smelling like smoke.  We found his T-Shirt collection that had been stored on the back of the bathroom door really took a hit.  There were almost 20 shirts on plastic coated wire hangers that were fused to hanger by the melted plastic.  Most were not ion the best shape but he really loves old t-shirts with weird sayings.  There were several that Barb and I picked up on our trips.  Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater and a Yellowstone shirt were just not in good enough shape they could be cleaned. 

Better get on and practice the music for tonight. 

Yours, Singingly


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