NRA (Never Re-elect Anyone)

This election cycle, I am going to vote for new people in all the races.  Yes, I know that it just might help give the Democrats the Senate, but I want new blood wherever I can find it.  Every time my cell phone rings (more precisely pings) it is some heavy weight guy telling me that Roberts is the guy for the Senate.  We have been flooded with stories about how he doesn't really live in Kansas anymore and probably won't return to Kansas when he looses.  Heck, that has been the rule for more people than I can count.  Once they get involved in the rat race in Washington, how you gonna keep them down on the farm here in OZ land. 

I am really struck by the inequity in wages I see posted for new people selected for offices here in Topeka.  The Old Police Chief made about $113,00 and the new one will make over $140,000.   I'll bet the average wage here in Topeka is less than half of that.  Probably about 25% of that.  My wife with a Masters Degree and 30 years experience made about $50,000.  Seems like we are paying a lot for new talent. 

Well, the Royals finally beat the Angels late in the day.  I am not really a Baseball fan but The game was put on TNT because the other game went long and after three innings, I was hooked.  It was a real defensive battle and it was clear that everyone was super hyped up to do their best.  It took a one run home run late in the game to put those pesky Angels away.  Is it possible that the young Royals could go all the way this year? 

This morning the KU men's Basketball team got a lot of press.  They are young, not too tall and just chocked full of talent.  They are full of McDonald's All Americans and have one player from the Crimea.  Their tallest player is about 6'10" and have a roster full of guards.  If they can play defense like Bill Self wants them to, they will be OK.  Two names on the player roster are Self and Manning but they both are just a hint of the players their fathers were.  Would you go out for basketball if you could just sit on the bench and travel with the team.  Hell, most of us would pay for that honor.  We haven't got our tickets yet but have them paid for.  Barb and I will need to sit down and put everything on the Calendar. 

I know I have been bragging about the Crown Victoria lately but now it has a rattle that is worrisome.   Not sure if it is a tail pipe of a loose suspension part.  Too cold to do something on the driveway today but early next week I will take a good look at everything.  I noticed the neighbor up on Tecumseh Road had his Crown Vic up on jacks one day this last week.  Perhaps I'll pay him a visit.  He does have a nice 56 Chevy that is pretty good looking.  I know that Barb will want me to get rid of two cars if I want to buy another one.  It took over $400 dollars to put tags and pay taxes on all the cars we have now. I think the Insurance is about $2,000 a year.  Oh well, no tall step for a tall stepper.

Better get rolling and on with the day.


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