Money Fears

Like a lot of people, I have saved hard to get to a point where I feel comfortable but I am always afraid of the effect on our economy of the best  (and only) investment place fails.  I am talking about the Stock Market. It has been on a wild and wooly ride for the past couple of weeks and I know that a lot of the baby boomers are watching just to really see where it is going.  I will promise you that you should never listen to me for advice in that area.  The only way I have ever made any money there was to give that money to  fund manager and just stand back and watch. 

The local paper has started running a couple of pages on Sunday out of the Wall Street Journal.   It is very interesting to see several of the indicators are up but there is still a several Billion Dollar Deficit.   It does concern me that there is about 16% of the population with wages below the poverty line.  Actually that is down to just under 16% but even a little is a problem.  The same pages indicate that inflation is not a problem in the next couple of years but falling farm prices is.  Oh well, Rabbit Run is only an 18 acre farm and the crop here is apples and Asian pears.   We did have an abundant tomato crop this year but it does not turn into money.   Just for the record, the deer get most of the excess apples and Asian pears. 

A lot of my family lives in Kansas City and they are really big into the Lenexa Chili Cook Off.   I have been there a couple of times and it is fun to taste a lot of different styles.  Lately they have also entered into the homemade Salsa contest and have done fairly well.  I hope they can send some over to the Thanksgiving in KC.  I would even buy a bag of those corn chip, "Scoops." to try it out.   

The weather here in the Heartland is very fall like and we are having fall weather.  It warms up during the day and you need a jacket at night.  Not being one to get out at night a lot, that is just a small problem. 

Yesterday I went to a 90th Birthday celebration for a member of the Barbershop Chorus.  They held a reception in the basement of the church and it was wall to wall people.  We sang Happy Birthday and Friends for him and the group. I can see that I need to find the music for Friends and study it.  We ended the song at the end of the first verse and it had a second.  Oh well, the audience didn't know.
Wilmer is just a great guy and I hope that when I am 80 I am half a sharp as he is. 

Better go see if I can get everyone to the breakfast table.  I thought that cooking potatoes would
bring the troops to the table.  All it did was make me hungry as all get out. 

MUD  aka Trouble (My mother's description. She would say here comes trouble)

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